Top 8 Аidrop's in July 2018

Top 8 Аidrop's in July 2018

A lot of people on the Internet who study the world of cryptocurrencies, you probably know the term Airdrop. Essentially this kind of marketing strategy. Sites airdrop's distribute free bitcoin for performing simple actions.

This phenomenon is becoming more and more popular, and therefore know, these platforms will not be superfluous. Generally to receive free coins, spend the least time. I propose in this article to briefly review the top 8 airdrop's for July 2018.

  1. CPS Coin

CPS Coin is a project developed by CoinPayments team, in collaboration with Syscoin. Token CPS will be the first asset issued on the blockchain, Syscoin. Team Coinpayments offers 100 free tokens CPS all new and existing accounts on their platform. He airdrop will end on 1 August 2018.

  1. Loopring LRN

Loopring is a Protocol designed for the "design of the collation order". And communication between the different blockchains using circular transactions and ordinal mapping to facilitate trading between different tokens. Protocol Looprig distribute in airdrop'e about 60% of the maximum token issue LRN to all holders of LRC assets (not including members of the ICO). He airdrop will take place in several stages: 5 July, 5 September and 5 November.

  1. Cappasity

Cryptocurrency project Cappasity initiated airdrop'and on February 22, offering bonus tokens to all owners who have had at least 1000 CAPP tokens. The project team will distribute the bonus tokens in the amount of 4% of the total number of CAPP token all supporters of the system Cappasity.

The distribution of the bonus token is scheduled for July 12 and August 12, 2018.

  1. Pundi X NPXS

Pundi X rewards all the owners of the tokens with a special transfer mechanism, which will be active until January 2021 Gozha. This means that the project will be carried out airdrop of their tokens on a monthly basis. Fixing assets in the wallets for further distribution to aidrop'and is scheduled for July 31. Participants airdrop'and get 7,316% of the number of assetsthat will at the time of fixing means.

  1. Docademic MTC

Docademic will distribute tokens 114,368,529 MTC all owners of the asset every month for two years. Fixing assets in the wallets for further distribution to aidrop'and is scheduled for July 31. The number of bonus tokens will depend on the number of assets at the time of fixing means.

  1. Aion

Cryptocurrency project AION has presented its TRS contract in December 2017 and since then has initiated a bonus program distribution of the assets for early investors. The program will offer monthly airdrop's in the amount of 6.25% bonus from the amount of AION on the digital wallet. Fixation means occurred on 12 July. Event is available only for those who participated to AION TRS.

  1. Presearch

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that rewards its users of its PRE vnutriplevralnoe currency for use and advertising platform.

To obtain the PRE enough to register on the official website of the Presearch, then the user immediately gets 25 PRE token. To obtain the possibleon the number of tokens is sufficient to use by the search Presearch.

  1. Pchain

Cryptocurrency project Pchain is the platform, according to the developers themselves, which supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Pchain will distribute via airdrop 326 thousand tokens PAI all the participants of the cryptocurrency community.

For participation in aidrop'e, you must register on the official website Pchain and follow the instructions.

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