ASIC miner Antminer X3

ASIC miner Antminer X3

In early March, 2018, the company Baikal, specializing in the development of equipment for mining cryptocurrency…

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G in mining

GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G in mining

The GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GAMING X 4G – middle class gaming line of NVidia. But how it will show itself in майнингекриптовалютыZCash…

все устройства для майнинга криптовалют

Miners - overview of all devices for cryptocurrency mining

The days when solo-mining with a powerful gaming PC to be profitable, remained in the distant past. In these days of earnings at mining cryptocurrencies requires a much more solid computing power. And sometimes even the farm, collected "on the knee" with a dozen top-end video cards is not enough to hope to get the next block of conditional Ethereum alone. But what in this case?

You have two options: either join the pool or to acquire high-quality and reliable equipment for mining cryptocurrency. In this section of our portal you will find links and detailed descriptions of the most popular miners, which are used by power users from all corners of the planet. But what is this equipment and what you need to know now?

What is the miners?

Slang for "miners," users that are mined cryptocurrency refers to any device to calculate new blocks. As each day their extraction requires the solution of more complex computational tasks, technology is also not standing still. For example, if at the beginning bitcoin mining was enough to have a high-end graphics card with a good GPU, but now such calculations taking into account the required energy costs only by specialized equipment.

However, there are still enthusiasts who use "household minery" for the joint production of digital coins in the pools or solo mining. But their chances of success are rapidly falling to zero, as more experienced users employ to obtain cryptocurrency specialized complexes. And their potential in the hundreds, and even tens of thousands of times exceeds the capabilities of conventional graphics card.

Classification of equipment for mining

These include:

  • powerful gaming and other personal computers;
  • devices, based on several video cards, suitable for mining, and a powerful power supply. The CPU and motherboard on the speed of the calculation is almost not affected;
  • specialized devices that are used to create a home or "industrial" farms for mining cryptocurrency.

The first options in our day are practically not used for mining the most popular virtual money. But they are still suitable for earnings on only gaining momentum or recently created cryptocurrency. But the third category, which is presented in this section of our website continues to gain momentum and enjoys strong demand from professional miners.

How useful this section of the portal

In it you will find the actual equipment, which can be used for mining various crypto coins. Depending on your own budget and needs you can choose the best components or a ready-made solution that allows to produce exactly the kind of digital coinsthat you want to earn. You enough to see presented on our website devices and order the most suitable ones to suit your needs to in the near future to increase capital.

Want to become a professional miner and to keep up with the times? Then pay attention to the performance of theagain below products.