The idea for the ICO

The idea for the ICO

For any ICO idea is the basis for all further work. It should not only create a useful product capable to generate a steady income, but also to be in demand among potential investors.


Practice shows that the company should show the idea fits in a single sentence. It is a kind of advertising slogan, short and understandable call to action.


Startups and risks


A large part of the ideas implemented startups, lies in innovation when there is understanding of specific needs of society, but there are no mechanisms to achieve its satisfaction. That is why without exception, all start-UPS is associated with increased risk, and to ensure the ultimate success can not even the most attractive at first glance, the idea.

The important thing is not just to choose an interesting for investors the idea, but to have possibilities for its practical implementation. There are many patents that have been implemented in production after many years of development of technology or a specific product.

In the process of selecting ideas is to remember that it is not necessary to implement the most advanced innovations, still has no analogues. A promising direction is the improvement of the capacity in existing areas, such as Bank payment services, communication systems and so on.

However, it requires respect for the uniqueness, as the repetition of someone else's ideas will not be interesting to investors, that is, to assemble the necessary implementation tools will not work.



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Any investor comes into the project with the sole purpose of making a profit. Therefore it will invest in the project only under the condition that the proposed terms of monetization will look reliable and effective. Accordingly, the idea constantly have to remind about the possibility of good earnings.

In the reflection of the monetization required to reflect not only the revenue side of the project, but also the costs to be faced. Here are the methods of distribution of the resulting income. Most importantly, that the balances were always positive for the client.


Considering the importance of this direction, it must be painted for investors as detailed below he had left no shadow of doubt in the necessity of their involvement.

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