Search for companies conducting ICO

Search for companies conducting ICO

In order to invest in promising ICO, you must first know about their existence. How to search projects? Options to search for a few, and each of them is able to offer its advantages.



This is one of the most popular destinations and the most famous representative of this group is the project Bitcointalk with a huge reputation, and allows, depending on the stage of the project to use the appropriate branches. Taking into account the credibility of Bitcointalk, it is based many third-party resources, hosts information on existing projects.Using the forums must be related to the canonical bases of accommodation, allowing to build a communication not only with the participants of the project, but also potential investors. Forums are the best option for beginners in need of the fellowship to understand the details of the work.



Information portals that do not involve communication, but at the same time providing users complete information about hosted ICO. Detailed, particularly technical information, focused on professional investors who have the ability on this basis to determine the effectiveness of the upcoming investments.At the same time such trackers provide links to various social networks and forums in which there is mention under consideration ICO. Placement on ICO trackers pay so outright scammers ignore such projects.


Rating agencies

This is a relatively new trend in the market. Such agencies are specialized portals that collect information about all existing projects, and conducting their ranking according to the degree of reliability and effectiveness based on certain mathematical algorithms.Accordingly, based on the ratings of the investor already has the ability to draw conclusions about the appropriateness of private participation in a specific location of the ICO on the existing conditions.


In General, search options placements ICO abound, and every man determines for himself the most convenient and suitable option. However, the use of specialized resources improves the efficiency and reliability of existing attachments.

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