The social network for ICO

The social network for ICO

Today, social networks have great value in life of modern society. Not less their role in the implementation of the ICO. Using social networks to attract new investors, communication is carried out with the participants of the projects, the notification about all the changes and advertising.

In addition, social networks help to familiarize investors with the sponsors and developers. In this case, often use thematic social network Linkedln – designed for business contacts.



European users


In promoting projects via social network in Russia and surrounding countries the most popular services of "Vkontakte", Facebook, Twitter and Telegram messenger. Using them is not only communication, but also advertising and promotion, and the amount of spending on advertising projects can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Special attention is given Telegram, offering users the possibility of organizing thematic chats and channels of distribution of news. Some of them have custom audience of 40 thousand people.

In Europe and the United States to promote networks Facebook and Twitter has huge popularity. It should be noted that the ICO would prefer not to work with American citizens in order to eliminate the possibility of collision with the American regulatory authorities, acting not only within the borders of their country, but around the world.


Asian users


Working with users from Asian countries is different from working with Europeans, as many countries in the region limit the possibilities of participation in the ICO for its own citizens. For example, similar prohibitions exist in Singapore and South Korea. Recently restrictions have appeared in China, and before the work was carried out through the services of Weibo and WeChat, has substantial limitations for registration not Chinese citizens.

For Asian destinations in more common are a variety of forums, and placing information about the new offerings is mostly on a paid basis.

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