The main document of any ICO is called "withpaper". Despite the fact that it has no legal status, it describes in detail not only the project itself but also the rules of his existence, adopted on the basis of the creators.

The document specifies the following information in this scheme is typical, but not required:

  • Background. General data about the project's idea and its causes.
  • Introduction. Description of the boundaries of the project and the markets in which it operates, the basics of monetization of the project.
  • Market Analysis. Market assessment demonstrating the demand for the proposed product.
  • Introduction of product. Detailed description directly to the product offered to investors.
  • Product specific section. The technical component of the project, including the mechanical processes used.
  • Technical. Another technical section that describes the process of issue of crypto-currencies, the technical component of the project.
  • Usability. Describes the basis for the practical use and benefits provided by the product investors.
  • Roadmap. The "road map" describing the planned prospects of the further development of the project.
  • Financial Projection. Financial plan, providing a clear view of the distribution of the received investment.
  • Team. Section is devoted to the composition of project participants, including developers, partners and experts.
  • Terms. Gives an idea about the basic rules of the projects and the legal basis of the conducted placement of ICO.

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Individual items may vary or be completely absent, but the essence remains unchanged, a potential investor should obtain from "whitpaper" the maximum possible amount of information, allowing to get detailed answers to all questions. The only way to expect positive feedback and real interest in financial participation in the project.

Given the fact that the vast majority of the ICO has an international scope, it is expedient to provide for the translation posted on the website materials in several major languages.

The translation must carry a person who is knowledgeable in the subject, and at the same time being a native speaker. This approach will avoid problems of translation and possible in connection with this problem.

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