Wallpaper for the investor

Wallpaper for the investor

Whether Wallpaper for investors? Of course, not every detail meets every last paragraphs of the document, but with individual sections met the majority. It concerns primarily the sections related to financial issues (the order of attachment means used mechanisms, payment systems, accrual of income, and so on).


Rather, investors are interested not only in wallpaperama, that is, official documents of the project developers, but also seek to learn information via other sources of communication, various forums, groups and projects in social networks.


Check-list for investors


Experienced investors with a behind several successful projects occurrences, which brought a decent income, in the assessment of many ICO rely on their own checklist, a set of criteria in accordance with which is given a positive conclusion on the feasibility of joining the project.


Each investor selects an individual set of criteria, but mostly the choice is between the following options:

  • The concept of the project. That is, its purpose and the very essence offered to investors ideas.


  • The product offered. The presence of a potential interest from the market, potential capacity.


  • Implementation. Evaluates the conduct of the pre-ICO if any, preparation of ready-made solutions to achieve the objectives, the available financial support.


  • Legal issues. The registration process proposed in withpaper conditions, investment uwords, a team of specialists implementing the project.


  • Possible benefits. This is one of the main criteria of selection. Every investor asks what he can get from his participation in the ICO.



In addition, investors are sure to appreciate the convenience and information content of project website, materials in his withpaper and the availability of a "roadmap" that is, a program of further development.

Attention is attracted and the prevalence of ICO on exchanges. The greater the number of listings are tokens of the project, the higher its rating and the degree of reliability.

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