The choice of the ICO for investments

The choice of the ICO for investments


The variety available today the ICO suggests the need to assess each project to determine the efficiency of investments, appropriate investment amount and timing of investments.

Each investor independently defines the rating scale, but the set of possible criteria varies within certain limits. These include:

1) Clear the project ideawith clearly stated and achievable framework, described in detail in the whitepaper project. The more detailed the information the better.

2) the Presence of market researchto determine the relevance of ideas and interest from investors.

3) Visible competitive advantages and other causes to ensure the success of the project during implementation.

4) Clear monetization. Only when there is clear and accessible monetization ideas you can count on interest from investors.

5) the Distribution of coins. In the absence of the creators of a large proportion of tokens produced by investors get confidence in no risk of collapse of the cryptocurrency.

6) Guarantee to the participants. The presence of built safeguards system, for example, smart contracts, significantly increases the reliability of the interaction, allowing the investor to gain the necessary confidence.

7) Legal support. The location of the ICO in accordance with the law and no problems with the law are able to gain investors.

8) Promotion. Massive financial investments in the promotion of the project through the forums and ICO says the seriousness of the organizers.

Naturally, fraudulent projects are able to meet the individual requirements of the list or even most of them, but the probability is relatively low. Experience shows that investors use the comparison technique, comparing the possible benefits from participation in the project from potential financial losses. If the first exceeds the second, there is a sense of investment capital to ICO.

In any case, the final decision should be made on the basis of the maximum possible number of evaluation criteria that will reduce risks and increase the likelihood of return on investment.

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