купить криптовалюту с карточки

Any captainvalor wants to have a portfolio of the top tokens, so often he occurs a question, where it is profitable to sell one bitcoin and buy another, for example, how to exchange bitcoin for a Ethereum.

Sometimes used regularly exchange may not be necessary for us more, and to register for the dozens of resources do not really want. In this case, it is necessary to look for specialized services for the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies. One such cryptoamnesia is a resource called Changelly.


A bit of history

The first mention of the service came in 2016, even though the website indicated data 2015. Its developers were the people behind the creation of MinerGate. This suggests that the exchanger runs an experienced team, working in kriptonyte. It is not surprising that the site could quickly find a reliable and safe exchanger digital currency, which for three years was joined by about 300 thousand users.

minergate pool

Changelly works in automatic mode. The user only needs to choose the direction of the exchange, send the necessary amount at a certain address and wait on his wallet will do the desired tokens. Besides, you can always contact support, which is the shortest time solves all issues.

For list of courses, cleptomanic connected to major bitcoin exchanges, for example, Bittrex or Poloniex.

Features of work

The main advantage of the resource – the ability to purchase the cryptocurrency and altcoins for Fiat.

However, there is a small reservation service allows you to exchange real money for cryptogenic, but in the opposite direction, this scheme is not functioning. However, if you decide to use Fiat, buy crypto currency card — the only way to use dollars or euros.


The service is provided is charged a Commission of 0.5% of the amount received. That is, you buy one token for the best selected Changelly cost of $5 000, that with five thousand and will be charged a Commission.

How to make a purchase of cryptogenes

The exchange of tokens takes place on the main page of cryptoamnesia. Here you can buy bitcoin with cards.

In the left box, you must select the currency you want to convert (digital tokens or Fiat), and specify the quantity. In the right when you select to obtain cryptocurrency you will automatically see the amount that will come to you on the wallet.


You need to pay attention that BTC can occur with a slight delay. But here the guilt out the reason for this is congestion of the bitcoin network.

It is not surprising that the exchange rate changes immediately. As already mentioned, Changelly is associated with many cryptomerias, where the token rate is constantly changing, it is possible to notice in the exchanger. So often the amount that comes to the purse, a little different from that which appears in the form of an exchange when selecting a digital currency for purchases.

After you have confirmed the direction and extent of the operation, and clicked "Next", a window will open where you must enter the ID of your own pocket. After this it is necessary to check all the payment details.

Now you will get transaction ID by which to refer to specialists serviceDerici in case of any problems. Here will be given a special QR code and the address to send funds.

Now it remains to send the tokens issued by ID. As soon as the transaction is processed, you will receive the ordered amount of altcoins.

How to buy a crypt for VISA

If the problems with tokens should not be, then the question how to buy a crypt for mastercard and visa, you may experience a small olonana.visa mastercard

This algorithm of operation is as follows:

  • On the main page of exchanger in the left side choose dollars or euros, while on the right the cryptocurrency that you want to get;
  • Next, you should specify the ID of your wallet;
  • In the next step it is important to check all the data, after which you can proceed to the implementation of the transaction;
  • Click on the button "Pay with Visa/Mastercard", then enter all credit card information;
  • Now it is necessary to enter a phone number linked to the card, and wait for the call, where we will give a special code which should be entered to confirm the operation;
  • When everything's done, you need to log in online banking where to find a statement with a 3-digit code. If there is no such document, you will have to work hard. In one of the forms necessary to record your own voice. Thus it is necessary to utter the phrase "Indacoin verification". You should also send your picture with the document confirming the personality, in his hands. Only then you will receive a code to complete the second phase of the verification;
  • Now you can click the transaction to complete and wait for the tokens.


The service Changelly there are a number of advantages:

  • Very simple and clear all of the check;
  • There is no need of verification;
  • Practically instant in the automatic mode;
  • The minimum fee for services rendered.
  • There are of course disadvantages, for example, incomplete Russian translation, the inability to exchange the tokens for Fiat or complicated the process of buying crypto-currencies for real money.

    But despite all this, the exchanger is an excellent vehicle for the rapid exchange of cryptocurrency, which today is one of the best.