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Майнинг и последние новости о нем, инструкции и обзоры.

Mining. Latest news, instructions and reviews

More and more people beginning to take an interest in cryptocurrency mining. Everything is simple. Just a few years ago, the price of some main cryptocurrencies has grown in tens, and in the case of bitcoin, hundreds of thousands of times. Against the volatility with quotations of the euro, the dollar and other «traditional» currencies, the crypto mining no longer seems as an adventure. But how to mine right crypto and what you should know about this process today?

How useful is this section of the latest mining news?

If you are interested in mining and want to learn how to earn on the production of crypto-currency in the shortest time with minimal investment, then welcome to our site! In this section of the portal you will find a huge number of useful articles, news and up-to-date information on earnings on the computing processes associated with digital coins. And all the materials presented here are translated into Russian. In other words - all the latest news from the Crypto-currency and Mining are here.

What is cryptocurrency mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is the process of the creation of new blocks in the chain of cryptocurrency. Network nodes that carry out this task called «miners». After the verification process, miners get their rewards, receiving cryptocurrency. The more blocks were created earlier — the more difficult is the process of their mining at the present. Therefore, mining requires a more powerful equipment, given that the difficult of mining increases almost every day.

The mining of cryptocurrencies is performed in a single network. Thus, all the computers and mining-farms make up one hundred percent of the power invested in the mining of a certain digital coin. The more the computing potential of a PC or user's farm, the more its chances of obtaining desired virtual currencies.

Moreover, the computing potential of all network is used to verify transactions on the already mined units of the cryptocurrency. Besides of crypto mining there are also some other ways to earn cryptocurrency. The most popular are ICO and forging. However, at the time of writing they are less developed.

A brief overview of the cryptocurrency mining

In its early days, the cryptocurrency mining required a relatively small amount of computing power. Therefore, solo mining was extremely popular, since it was quite sufficient for a powerful PC with a corresponding GPU-card.

As soon as the price of bitcoin increased several times and it became profitable to mine it, the first miners appeared who collected the PC specifically for mining. With the entry of some other cryptocurrencies and the unspeakable growth of BTC, began to appear some special devices that were used exclusively for the cryptocurrency mining. They are called «farms» to date. Only seven years ago these devices were a small PC with a powerful power supply and several GPU-cards, but today they are the giant rooms of thousands of square meters, full of special computing systems.

The biggest development the mining process has acquired in China. This country has hundreds of thousands of the world's largest farms that operate every day and account for almost 90% of the production capacity of all the largest cryptocurrencies at the moment of writing.