What "cryptophycin" and what it eats?

The young generation is quite clear and understandable the frequent use on the Internet the words "crypto", and that's what the "pager"already young people is not entirely clear, this gadget was used in the mid-1990s, let's Try to briefly explain this concept.

The pager receiver transmit personal electronic messages that are transmitted over the special pager network. If the subscriber has decided to send a message to the owner of such gadget, he needed to dial only the operator, to inform him of the subscriber number of the pager and verbal to convey a message.

Most likely, at this point, the reader has the same question: "why should I know about paging, if I want to know what cryptophycins?".

It is not so simple. By combining these two components crypto and paging, you may have already guessed what will go further.

Suppose you have a digital wallet, and over a period of time on the balance accumulated 11 328 bitcoins. Have you noticed that with them, strange in your opinion of the transaction:


  • 9 APR 2018 -0,00000666 the cue ball;
  • 21 April 2018 -0,000033 the cue ball.

A pleasant surprise. Isn't it? The money came from. But still does not know from whom...

Curiously, agree? The ninth of April the first transaction on bitcoin 0,00000666, and after the quote fell by 13.5%. Then, on April 21, came the second transaction on 0,000033 bitcoins, and the quote again fell by 17.2%. Recall that the crypto-wallet in the given period was kept 11 328 now (approximately $100 million).

The situation with big wallets-ephemeral and obscure transactions that prompted the idea of creating cryptopedia.

Imagine that the owners of huge purses was found somewhere in the Seychelles and "amicably" agreed that in the event of a transaction will send signals before the process, we call this process "signalling transaction".

Then the signal of the transaction was converted into algorithms created by the so-called button "DUMP", which later became a very real scheme of regulation of prices.

Press "DUMP", and the wallet sends the transaction with conditional code to other wallet holders.

Convenient, isn't it?

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