EtherScamDB. ID Scam

EtherScamDB. ID Scam

Though boom the ICO campaigns and quieted down, it does not mean that it disappeared altogether. The danger of falling into the tenacious paws of scams and scammers in the cryptocurrency industry is still high. Today we will talk about one project that intends to go on the warpath with cryptocurrency scams — EtherScamDB.

EtherScamDB is a web resource that enables anyone to find or make a complaint about any project, threatening potential investors.

In the header of the website has six subsections:

Main (Home)

Have benches existing (Active scams)

Search (Search)



A section for complaints have benches (Report).

From pluses it is worth noting that the site consists entirely of open source code, available for study at GitHub. In addition, one does not force the user to pay any funds for the services of the project.

In the section Current have benches, the user is provided with a detailed list of Scam projects. For example, the table indicates such data as category (type of fraud), subcategory (where fraud occurs), the status and the header (in this column displays links to the projects themselves, suspected fraud).

This section also lists the total number of Scam projects, the number of active/inactive Scam and registered addresses.

In the section API, anyone can integrate code to your website, for future identification on the subject of Scam of a resource.

Overall projectka is young and the number of identified Scam because the developers themselves check every complaint, but the idea has long-term prospects.

In the world of cryptocurrency diversity such a project remains to wish good luck and fruitful development!

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