How to invest in the new cryptocurrency

How to invest in the new cryptocurrency

In 2018, almost every day there is a dozen new coins and held multiple ICO blockchain projects. Some will be forgotten a week later, the other burst top. But how to guess on who to put? After all, to predict the course of bitcoin, which has just appeared, almost unreal. Moreover, some tokens do not even reach the stage of listing, and will never appear on the exchanges. Or they will take only little known trading sites with low ratings and trading volume.

How to invest in the prospective crypt?криптоваинвестиции

The prospect of a digital asset can be compared with the young talent. Today it seems a future star, and then he will start breaking voice and forget all about it. The situation is similar. For most projects, is any product, technology. If it is, then once the excitement stops, the price may drop to thousandths of a dollar.

  • The first rulethat should be learned is high-risk investing is not created for beginners. Here feel well experienced traders and big funds. They have enough money for such attempts.
  • Second rule – pay attention to well-known startups in the crypto-environment developers. Log is on presale until the token is much cheaper. During the public sales price will rise, and with the beginning of an auction can jump several times. But there is one important addition – closed and pre-stages often have a high entry threshold, and target individuals and companies with large capital.
  • The third rulerong> – you do not have to sell the asset in its doubling. Read a road map and note the stages of development for peak prices.

The main problem is the lack of statistics and Analytics, familiar to work in this sector. Here you will have to carefully study each sentence and find out who is behind it, is there any interest from well-known companies.

What are oriented funds and top investors? First, is the proposal unique in the market? If Yes, the next question – whether really to implement it, how much time and money it will take. The idea looks interesting, the product the market needs, and creating it possible for 1 – 3 years? Then the probability of a return on their investment significantly increases.

But remember about the risks. For example, often the development has been delayed for years. In particular, due to circumstances beyond the creators of reasons. Also alarming is the lack of MVP, which can be explored before you share assets with its authors. Another problem is misclassification. For example, a soft cap can is banal not to suffice to cover all expenses.инвестиции в криптовалюту

Check the list of people in the team. It should be not only programmers, but also industry experts, marketing specialists, lawyers and other specialists, without whom the business is impossible. White paper should look realistic and not like a school project of a teenage dreamer. What is the solution, what problems it solves, how to solve the issues with scaling? If the answer is no, better to pass. Also note the network activity and a community project. They affect the popular.

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