How to predict bitcoin value on reward for found block

How to predict bitcoin value on reward for found block

Analysts always say that the exchange rate of bitcoin – the usual mathematics, and knowing the principles of calculation, it is possible to predict with minimal error. The solutions are different. One of the most interesting is based on short-term changes in the rewards to miners.

This option is relevant for altcoins, most of which is extracted by graphics processors powerful graphics cards. Now, according to some experts, the best ratio of price, performance, and payback is GeForce1080Ti from NVidia.For the GPU Wdwest long been used special chips ASN specialized boards. The disadvantage of such devices – a limited number of types of crypts that you can mine. Farm of three or four cards of the new generation becomes obsolete over time, but continues to support the production of new coins. If you're not profitable, you can always sell hardware to gamers, returning part of the money. Exception – a different kind of mineredition that are not soldered monitor outputs. But these models cost as much as a standard, and make sense to buy them there.nvidia майнинг криптовалюты

The NVidia employees often dissemble, speaking about a negative attitude to the mining of cryptocurrencies, because this industry has allowed them for several years to enrich themselves far more than gaming. Along the way, rose and stock price.

How to track the dependence of the rate

We give a simple example. Just a couple of weeks ago earnings with the above mentioned card was 8 dollars. The investments have paid off s for 4 months. At this time, BTC has risen in price from $6000 to $10000. The reward this time was increased in two times. As soon as these figures declined tothe watch also fell. Daily earnings on each card was reduced to $1.4. A new rally has led to a temporary increase to $2.4.

Many crypto-analysts do not consider this factor influence value, and to watch out for any indicator – a big mistake for a trader.

The real income of owners of farms is tied to the demand for the coins, the units of which they bottom their equipment. If the proposal is minimal, the price quickly jumps if there is interest from the community. You should understand three things:

  • Demand can't grow forever, as there are mechanisms of emission.
  • You need to follow the growth of remuneration. This can be done at special sites like NiceHash. They created special sections.
  • This factor is relevant only in the short term, and compare with stock indices DOW.

If this is an indicator what are the prospects of Bitcoin? Experts believe that in the next week to it threatens nothing. We will remind that now the main task – breakthrough the resistance line of $10,000. At the time of writing the crypt showed a negative trend, losing over a day 2.3%, but in the foreseeable future should wait for bullish trend.

We cannot exclude the influence of other circumstances, like situation in Asian markets, the adoption of new laws or seasonal fluctuations. Remember the Oriental new year with a massive withdrawals in Fiat.

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