How to protect your account on the exchange

How to protect your account on the exchange

Many users due to the constantly occurring cases of theft from their accounts want to further protect your cryptosample. We will tell you how to protect your account on the exchange

5 rules will help You to more carefully protect their accounts and their assets.

First rule: personal responsibilityличная ответственность в безопасности криптовалюты

All users are personally responsible for the security of personal account and the safety of personal savings.

The second rule: the official website address

Cybercriminals actively use phishing domain names that are very similar to the domain names known kryptomere. Just check the domain of the website in the address bar helps to avoid mistakes.

Third rule:two-factor authentication profile

The use of two-factor authentication to better protect your account. Two-factor authentication is a special access system, which is based on two "keys". With it enhanced protection of the user account.


  • Only need a mobile device with which the authentication passes through. Other devices are required;
  • The verification code is constantly updated, unlike the password to the system.

I advise you to use Google Authenticator:двойная аутентификация на криптобирже

  • As the risk of delays when entering the site is absent;
  • Every thirty seconds, is generated by the key 6 characters, so the leak PRin fact minimized.

Important! Personal device with a set of Google Authenticator not transferable!

The fourth rule is: the security of Your email

Mail is one of the most common targets of hacking virtual criminals. After hacking Your email account may follow the theft of cryptosample from the account on the exchange. If You find signs of forced entry of Your mail, contact support with a request to block the withdrawal.

Also remember that:

  • Never open emails from unknown email addresses;
  • Do not disclose your personal information to third parties;
  • Pay attention to the sender address. Major exchanges send a letter with the official domain.

Fifth rule: only the original desktop and mobile applications App Store Google Play

The installation of untested desktop and mobile applications can cause further big problems. The crypto currency exchange update information about the current applications on their official websites.

And a couple of tips:

  • To Your email after logging into your account should receive the notification with the specified IP address that was logged;
  • If You find dubious activity, contact the support team.
  • Create a different password for each account;
  • In your account go only with trusted devices;
  • Do not go to the site using unofficial SSilku;
  • Information should be obtained only from the source.
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