The benefits of investment in cryptocurrency✍

The benefits of investment in cryptocurrency✍

For those who have not yet decided where to invest their hard earned money, edition prepared an article about the benefits of investments in the cryptocurrency. You will learn why to invest in digital assets are profitable and will be able to estimate the size of the expected profit.

1. Crypto-currencies operate in a decentralized blockchains.

Unlike Fiat currency, most digital assets are not controlled by any Central authority. They operate in a decentralized the block chain, which consist of nodes located around the world. This is their main difference from all other payment systems and services.

The distribution of nodes blockchain Bitcoin (BTC) countries:

Due to the fact that the BTC network nodes located around the globe, the blockchain, it is impossible to control or disable. The network will function as long as at least 1 node. It is also worth noting that the level of decentralization of the blockchain Bitcoin is growing over time: in 2013 the share of the mining pool BTC Guild accounted for 55% Hasrat network in 2014 in its place came a new mining giant Ghashcontrolling more than 51% of processing power. In 2019 the share of the largest pool accounted for only 15.6% of Hasrat.

Distribution Hasrat blockchain for Bitcoin mining pools:

2. The cryptocurrency market is developing rapidly.

Most people still don't know about digital assets, so the cryptocurrency market is booming. 20 Dec 2018and was put a record in daily trading volume of Bitcoin - 2.266.735 coins BTC ($8.9 billion in Vietnam equivalent). The total trade volume of all cryptocurrencies is over $16 billion per day.

Dynamics of volume of trading Bitcoin:

3. Low inflation cryptocurrency.

Low inflation is perhaps the most important advantage of cryptocurrency. The maximum amount of most digital assets is limited to a certain number of coins, so sooner or later there will be naminanu all coin, thus the inflation rate will drop to 0. According to Cryptocoin Mastery, the last BTC will be mined in the year 2140, however, in 2020 there will halving the reward for adding blocks in the Bitcoin network, which will reduce the current level of inflation.

The increased interest in the cryptocurrency is observed in countries with unstable economies and weak national currency. As an example we can cite Venezuela: during the year, the inflation rate of the local Fiat currency Bolivar reached 40.000%. To get out of the economic hole the country's authorities decided to use the digital assets. The government issued cryptocurrency Petro and began to actively promote the virtual currency among the local population.

4. Cryptocurrency easy to use.

Unlike banks, the blockchain cryptocurrency is open 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. You can transfer money at any time, moreover, the amount of Commission for transactions in digital assets is much smallerthan for Bank transfers. For example, KomiRussia for the Bitcoin transfer in the amount of $300 million was only $0,04.

Cryptocurrency can handle even a child. Presenting your attention the video about the kid from Uganda who receives Bitcoin from relatives living in the United States:

5. High return on investment in cryptocurrency.

The amount of the return on investment is one of the main parameters, which takes into account each investor. Cryptocurrency in this respect outperform all other assets.

As an example, we propose to consider the amount of profit from investing in Bitcoin for the year:

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The cost at the beginning of the year

The cost at the end of the year

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6. Cryptocurrency investments are portable and can be easily diversified.

Storage of cryptocurrency designed several types of wallets: mobile, software, hardware, and web wallets. Thanks to that cryptocurrency investments are very portable: you can easily carry abroad their digital assets stored on the device, like USB flash drive, or to access your web wallet with your passphrase anywhere in the world. At the same time, you do not need to pay customs fee for the carriage of large sums of money.

Cryptocurrency investment portfels easy to diversify. If profit from capital investment in Bitcoin did not meet your expectations, you can exchange BTC to hundreds of other digital assets. Everyone has the opportunity to create your unique investment portfolioconsisting of various cryptocurrencies in different proportions. It gives a chance to adapt to changes in the market and with the right approach increases the amount of the dividend.

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