Pools for mining Bitcoin (BTC)

Pools for mining Bitcoin (BTC)

The value of bitcoin is growing rapidly and the number of people wanting to capitalize on the fastest-appreciating currency in the world, is also increasing exponentially. If you have decided to join this process, then the fastest and easiest way to do this is to connect to bitcoin pool (pull - chain). In such a network, the computing process (mining) generate the VTS is distributed between all computers of participants in the pool. The more the number of participating in such a network, a person is, the higher the productivity and earnings of each of its participants.

Bitcoin pool

The emergence of such associations became inevitable with increasing difficulty of mining bitcoin. For example, for 8 years, since the advent of digital currency power required to generate 1 bitcoin just rose to 500 thousand times, and, according to experts, continues to grow.

Now there are many quite large data certov dealing with the generation of BTC. However, a simple user with a normal PC can not earn so much that it was considered a serious earnings and the set of powerful hardware might be too expensive. The opportunity to become a participant pool for 99% of users is the only opportunity to make money by mining the cryptocurrency.

The principle of operation of the pool

The essence of mining is to search for a new BTCblock. Poole is looking for a block, trying to get ahead of other data centers, pools, and miners. Whoever finds it first gets a chance to register it. The received remuneration is distributed among the miners that are members of the pool according to the size of the nested power minus the fee for the service.

The most popular pools

Technology group generating VTS was developedtan about 4 years ago. During this time, were organized and split up hundreds, if not thousands of pools in all developed countries of the world. Most of them have developed their own methods of distribution of obtained rewards. Mining technology is constantly evolving, moderniziriruyutsya communication protocols and system switching between the fork. Sometimes there is a situation when the most powerful pool reached 50% of the total capacity of the network,

Today, the situation has stabilized and none of the large pools has a large advantage over the rest. Competition in the mining VTS is very hard, however, a distinct advantage over the other five hold the largest pool of which 4 are Chinese.


1.Pool F2Pool, known to miners under the name Discus Fish, was created in may 2013 and today he owns about 20% of the entire power network (Hasrat).

2.AntPool, with 18% Hasrat is the closest competitor F2Pool. Its owner is a firm Bitmaintechengaged in the manufacture of equipment to generate the VTS.

3.BTCchina power 3 takes place in China and fourth in the world. He owns about 12% of the capacity of the world's computer networks.

4.BW.com with 9% of the global Hasrat the honorable fourth place.

Other interesting pools - Bitcoin.cz (Slush), Ghash.io, Eligius, Bitfury. The ranking between them is not meaningful, as they are constantly changing places in the ranking.

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