Hidden mining: the most unusual ways of digging the crypt

Hidden mining: the most unusual ways of digging the crypt

Rascal – that is, perhaps, one of the oldest "professions", and not one that is mentioned most often. They were at all times, as there are economic models. People are constantly looking for ways to take over the resource, without effort and not giving anything in return. When the world invented the blockchain technology, they found ways to obtain cryptocurrency at the expense of others.

Monero – coin darknet

Monero or XMR token, it is the most popular anonymous coin, which is known not only for their high privacy and popularity among the "anonymous" darknet. Interesting fact of his "biography" is that about 5% of the crypts obtained exclusively by means of manipulations with scripts and viruses that have infected the computers and mobile devices on unsuspecting citizens.

Where "catching" a virus? Yes, everywhere!

It would seem that it can be more secure than the state Department? This misconception allows enterprising criminals to their crime, but such a desirable profit without spending any resources, except time and knowledge used for illegal purposes.

  • A live example is the recent hacking of the website of the Khabarovsky Krai administration. It is difficult to say which looked the resource Manager, but they have eliminated the problem until a week later. The average attendance of the main page – about six hundred people a day. Multiply by seven, and get 4200 potential victims. The exact number of affected users is unknown.
  • Cybercriminals nothing is sacred. Somehow they hacked the script for people with visual impairments embedded in popular WordPress and received access to government sites, courts, Zdravoohranenieparticular portals in the United States, Canada, Australia and the UK.
  • Resourceful villains not looking for workarounds. They attack the victims from the main entrance, where they least expect.
  • Further – more, in the official store Chrome there are extensions for popular browsers, making the infected computer part of a phishing network, stealing data, social accounts and other important information. In parallel was established, and the miner script running in the background without attracting attention.
  • Google discovered the problem later, and many users have suffered as a result of such illegal actions.
  • Embed the scripts not only in websites and browser add-ons. JavaScript is great for attacks using the Word. It would seem that the text editor is protected from such actions. But the trick is that the circuit works using the function of embedding a video into a file. In the end, you send someone Monero. While in task Manager the CPU usage can reach 100%.

This is a short list of illegal ways of mining various cryptocurrencies. Every day there are new tricks, allowing you to use someone else's equipment for such purposes.

The only advice in this case – regularly update the database of antivirus software. If you see any unusual network activity, immediately check the hard disk dedicated software.

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