The best management programme cryptocurrency portfolio⚙on!!!

The best management programme cryptocurrency portfolio⚙on!!!

If you invest in digital assets, then you will certainly faced with the need to assess the investment portfolio with the aim of increasing income from investments. To simplify management you can use various programs for investment management. In this article we have prepared a list of top apps as of 2019.

  1. CoinTracking.

The program CoinTracking suitable for both long-term and short-term investments in the cryptocurrency. The app evaluates the balance of your investment portfolio and provides data that you can use when making decisions about buying or selling certain coins. A distinctive feature CoinTracking is that this program has a function for calculating unrealized gains or losses.

The app can integrate with all popular cryptocurrency exchanges through the user interface. In this case, the program will automatically receive new information about your trading activity and to include these in the report. In free mode, the app analyzes up to 200 transactions for buying and selling virtual currencies. The company CoinTracking has released a web version and mobile applications for OS Android and iOS.

Features CoinTracking:

  • The ability to import data from exchanges Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex and many others.
  • Automatic recalculation of the balance after Commission of the bargain.
  • Free and paid access.
  • Ffunction of calculating the amount of tax deductions.

  1. Cryptocompare Portfolio.

Cryptocompare is a popular online resource for cryptocurrency traders. The company has also developed a program to portfolio management - Portfolio Cryptocompare. The app analyzes the return on investment in digital assets and analyzes risks on the basis of a percentage of certain cryptocurrencies in the portfolio.

Cryptocompare Portfolio pays special attention to security, it uses encryption of data and keys from the user interface. With the app you can get access to the cryptocurrency index CryptoCompare Index (CCCAGG), which assesses the course of bitcoin based on the current ratio of supply and demand. Moreover, the program reports on the most popular currency pairs and digital assets in trading volume in recent days. The Annex presents data about 5.300 different virtual currencies and 240.000 trading pairs.

Features Cryptocompare Portfolio:

  • The ability to create multiple portfolios.
  • Support all existing cryptocurrencies.
  • The information is presented in informative charts.
  • A function of selecting a storage location of a digital asset.
  • Completely free access.
  • Analysis of investment risks.
  • Two versions of mobile and web.

  • Delta.

  • Delta analyzes the balance of your cryptocurrency portfolio and is based on the data obtained, the statement of profit or loss for a certain period of time. Thus, the results of the report can be obtained in a choice of either Bitcoinor Ethereum, or Fiat currency. The application can be bound to the crypto or exchange, in this case it will automatically take into account all the transactions, deals and even campaigns Airdrop.

    In the program you can find out information about the current course of bitcoin, and the developers of blockchain startupsthat interest you. You can estimate the potential profit from buying a particular coin, adding it to the list of monitored. Using the function "Custom Coins" you can add any digital asset, even one that is under the ICO. Another important point is that the program can be synchronized on different devices and restore through code.

    Features Of The Delta:

    • Support more than 3,000 cryptocurrency.
    • A separate list of portfolios and tracking digital assets.
    • The system alerts changing the course of a specific virtual currency or trading pairs for the selected exchange.
    • The analysis of the value of coins, trading volume and capitalization level.
    • Ability to create up to 10 different portfolios.
    • Sync on up to five devices.
    • Version OS applications for Android, iOS and Windows.

    1. BlockFolio.

    Trecker investment portfolio BlockFolio is considered one of the most popular. The program is unique due to BlockFolio Signal platform to communicate with the developers of cryptocurrency. With its help, you can get the first all important news about blockchain industry. Over 300 companies use BlockFolio Signal, among them were the creators of such digital assets, like Monero, DASH, NEO, Classic, Ethereum, NEM, zcash for and many others.

    As in the previous three programs BlockFolio reports on the amount of profits or losses for the whole portfolio or for individual coins. To automatically change your account you can link an application to the crypto or the exchange or do it manually with the option of deducting or adding balance. Because of this you will have the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of sharing one digital asset to another before the transaction.

    Features BlockFolio:

    • Only mobile version of OS Android and iOS.
    • Display of charts dynamics of the course changes of cryptocurrency.
    • Notification of increase or decrease of the price of the cryptocurrency.
    • Analysis of orders on the exchange.
    • Communication platform BlockFolio Signal.

    Which program to choose?

    • For those trading cryptocurrencies on the exchanges are best suited CoinTracking.
    • If you plan hadlich digital assets for the long term, your choice - Cryptocompare Portfolio.
    • BlockFolio ideal for participants of the ICO and the CTabout want to invest in new projects.
    • Delta is best suited for professional traders, as the program has advanced features.
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