DashCoin - rate forecasts, a description of cryptocurrency
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DashCoin - rate forecasts, a description of cryptocurrency

DashCoin is a relatively young and growing payment system with the same cryptocurrency as a means of interaction. It works on the blockchain the platform, similar to the one used in Bitcoin and other popular designs.

General information

DashCoin is a fork DigitalCash, also known as Dash. Cryptocurrency platform has the same name. And her short name is DSH. The price of the cryptocurrency yet is relatively small and amounts to little more than six us cents per unit. By the end of 2017 has produced over seventeen and a half million coins. And their market capitalization exceeded one million one hundred thousand dollars.

The history of creation

Cryptocurrency DashCoin came to light in 2014. It happened sleduyushim way. A number of users were dissatisfied with the development of other digital coins, which started in January of that year. We are talking about Dash, also known at the dawn of its development, as Darkcoin. As a result, many investors and ordinary users who were her supporters, decided to participate in another project. He called DashCoin.

The algorithm for the software, which develops a platform that has become CryptoNight. And fifth of July 2014, there was produced the first units of the new cryptocurrency. A period of time she was in a stage of development. However, due to the rapid growth of a number of other cryptocurrencies, the main advantage of which was the anonymity of transactions and a high degree of protection, DashCoin and failed to gain a foothold in the TOP 10 largest similar projects.

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Gradually, however, the platform has evolved and in 2015 it has been used not only investors and end users, but also large services. At the moment DashCoin added in trades most of the major exchanges and can share on a few famous venues not just digital coins, but for real currency.


Software for the payment system written in C++ and is open source. Like some other similar projects, it is based on CryptoNight, which was later substantially modified.

At the end of 2017 for the transactions with the help of DashCoin, and mining cryptocurrency of the same name is used multiple applications. Some of them have visual design and user friendly interface. More simple versions work without these add-ins in the background.

Advantages and disadvantages

Key features DashCoin is its focus on making anonymous transactions, a convenient algorithm and a high degree of protection from DDoS-attacks and other attempts to harm the project. While cryptocurrency is developing relatively moderately, with no surges in the cost of and unexpected downturns. That is what attracts some users, but discourages large investors who prefer to invest in more promising digital coins.

If in 2018 the cryptocurrency will continue to evolve in the desired direction, it can expect a substantial increase in price. Meanwhile, users who have chosen as a means for transactions, exactly DSH, satisfied with its stability.

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