DigitalCash course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency
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DigitalCash course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency

DigitalCash is one of the largest P2P projects in the world, which is based on advanced technologies and develops its own digital currency. Supporters advanced payment systems have become millions of users. And their number is constantly growing.

General information

DigitalCash is a complete payment system. It includes the entire set of instruments for payment of services, exchange of goods, mining, which support the largest poolsof mobile apps and tools development and improvement.

Currency system received the same name and reducing Dash. Mid-December 2017 was produced almost eight million units of digital coins. And since the cost of one Dash is almost nine hundred thirty USD, the market capitalization of the currency exceeded seven billion dollars.

The history of creation

The project came to light in 2014, when Bitcoin was already widely known throughout the world. While DigitalCash also based on the writings of cryptographers David Choma and Stefan Brands, who offered a few basic cryptographic protocols, more than thirty years ago. Initially it was a cryptocurrency called Darkcoin (she was also known as XCoin), but the project managers had changed it to more loyal users.

In 2015 the platform was supported by large pools, exchanges and stock exchanges. Many banks have recognized her as the official means of payment. And the number of transactions involving Dash has grown to hundreds of thousands of times per month. At the end of 2017, the cryptocurrency has significantly strengthened its position. Yet it is far behind bitcoin in value, but it is one of the most stable and popular digital coins on the planet. If the team responsible for the promotion of the project will not stop there, in 2018 DigitalCash may rise in price several times.


Since the system is based on the same blockchain principles of work as other major cryptocurrencies, its software is not too different from Bitcoin and other similar projects. However, many experts believe the level of protection for the Dash one of the best among all similar projects.

As the management of the payment system expect to attract the broad masses to his creation, a number of applications for operations with cryptocurrency are equipped with a simple and intuitive interface. But experienced users will easily find all client programs without visual design.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of the project is its rapid improvement in terms of technology (improve algorithms, improve system protection, introduction of innovative solutions without any inconvenience to users) and successful growth of cost Dash. In just a few years of its existence DigitalCash has grown from a small niche of the cryptocurrency in a universal means of payment, which is based on the principles of decentralization and anonymity.

Available to the project and disadvantages. But they pale before the advantages and the rapid pace of development of the payment system. If it continues the same growth next year, we will be able to become one of the main competitors is losing popularity Bitcoin.

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