Ethereum course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency
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Ethereum course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency

Ethereum is a fast – growing platform is established on the Foundation of technology smart contact. Its cryptocurrency has already attracted the attention of millions of users around the world. And many miners are now engaged in the production of the ether, and not other digital coins.

General information

Exchange system project was called "ether". For a brief notation often use a combination of letters ETH or the Greek letter "Chi".


Unlike bitcoin, the ether has three fractional sizes:

  • "finney" is equal to 1/1000 of the ether;
  • "szabo" – 1/106 ether;
  • "wei" – 1/1018 ether.

They are all named after famous scientists related to computer science, and famous programmers. Fractional shares can be used to implement the transaction along with by ETH.

The main feature of this digital coin is the possibility of its use as a means to exchange something, or to transactions carried out by the technology of smart contacts. That's why ether was nicknamed "cryptohippie", which is necessary for the transaction of smart-contact peer-to-peer circuits.

Cryptocurrency available for sale or purchase in most of the major exchangers. At the end of 2017 was produced almost a billion ETH. And their total market capitalization surpassed that of sixty-three billion US dollars.

Throughout its existence, the course Ethereum is largely varied. And not only in a big way – it happened and devastating landslides. In December 2017-year with a total value exceeding six hundred fiveten American dollars.

The history of creation

On the creation of Ethereum Vitalik worked Buterin – canadian programmer of Russian origin. Your first thoughts on the creation of such networks and cryptocurrencies he first outlined in late 2013. At that time Buterin held the position of editor of Bitcoin Magazine, a co-founder of which he was.

In 2014, Ethereum mentioned in the published works of Gavin wood, who has worked on it along with Baleriny. At the time of project creation it was considered the next step in the development of the cryptocurrencies and bitcoin has even been called the new generation. In the same year began the collection of funds for the development of the platform through the crowdfunding platform. A number of banks and other financial institutions interested in the project after its creators have issued an IPO. Due to the public offer their project quickly gathered almost eighteen dollars and a half (at the time 31 591 BTC, which were exchanged for sixty-odd million of air) as an investment. Banks and other institutions planned to use a new cryptocurrency and its system as a platform that will help you learn smart contacts and processes of their work.

The launch date is the thirtieth of July 2015. While a long time he was at the testing stage. Only in 2016, Ethereum finally formed, so that the value of ETH began to increase dramatically.


At the end of 2017 Ethereum works with the development environment Remix and created four programming language. At the platform there are two options to implement full nodes (CLI and GUI), and she got a few options graphical browsers. In addition, especially for Ethereum developed several mobile applications.

A number of the largest pools in the world support mining ether.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of Ethereum are more perfect compared to BTC, technology development and wider use. Also for a number of reasons, many investors prefer to invest in ETH, and not other cryptocurrencies. Among the disadvantages of the platform it is possible to distinguish the instability of its course the digital coins that are inherent to other similar projects.

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