Monero course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency
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Monero course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency

Monero payment system and the cryptocurrency algorithms which focused on anonymity and consummation of the transaction. Considered to be one of the most secure and popular digital coins on the web.

General information

Monero is a fork which is Bytecoin, which was launched in the summer of 2012. Its name is the word "coin" in Latin transliteration, written in the language of Esperanto.

Short name cryptocurrency – XMR. But along with him on a number of exchanges and exchange services are used and its main name. By the end of 2017 was produced almost fifteen and a half million XMR. The cost of one unit is approximately three hundred and fifty American dollars. And market capitalization the total number of mined digital coins exceeds five billion three hundred million USD.

The history of creation

Birthday Monero its creators call the eighteenth of April 2014. When users became clear that Bytecoin, the first cryptocurrency created in the algorithms of the CryptoNote Protocol that reaches the maximum amount, despite the fact that its turnover and market capitalization did not suit many, the question arose about creating a fork. And it was Monero.

New digital coin was launched with a zero amount in items. Almost immediately after its launch had the tools for mining cryptocurrency. They were "sharpened" under the video, and professional equipment and not ordinary household under processors.

In 2015, the project attracted the attention of the police of some States, as well as representatives of Europol. It was Stthis is with the suspicion that Monero is used for illegal drug operations and other illegal actions. However, any charges to the creators of the network was not nominated and bitcoin continued to evolve.

At the beginning of 2017, the platform Monero was substantially revised. In connection with the transition to new software was waiting for her scheduled hardwork, which was successful.

Currently accept most major exchanges and exchange services. Also XMR is stable is used for payments at online casinos and many popular multiplayer games.


The basis for the software part of the project was the CryptoNote Protocol. All improvements, innovations and changes to already existing code written in C++. Program clients cryptocurrencies are supported by all common operating systems. Some of them are equipped with interface and part is running in the background.

Advantages and disadvantages

Despite the fact that Monero is positioned as one of the most anonymous similar services, this is the quality is questioned. Skeptical to the platform in one of his statements, and treated Edward Snowden, who said that it's just "Amateur cryptocurrency". However, millions of users satisfied with the project and continue to develop it. And by the beginning of 2018 Monero remains on the level of market capitalization one of the most expensive cryptocurrency on the planet.

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