Bitcoin cash (BCH) course, bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency description✌

Bitcoin cash (BCH) course, bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency description✌

The developers of Bitcoin cash its called cryptocurrency "the best money in the world" and see the purpose of the project is to create an electronic analog of cash, which is convenient to use in daily life thanks to the low Commission for transactions and the blockchain.

However, cryptocurrency experts from the consulting company Satis BCH Group predict a bleak future, in their opinion, the rate of coins will be significantly reduced, as Bitcoin cash does not have significant technological advantages in comparison with competitors. To understand this paradox, the editors have prepared a review of Bitcoin cash.

The cryptocurrency.

Coin Bitcoin cash was officially established in August 2017. Their technical characteristics are very similar in parameters with the "big brother" of Bitcoin, moreover, the maximum number of coins BCH is limited to 21 million, as in the case of BTC. On the day of issue coin each owner of the Bitcoin has received Bitcoin cash in the ratio of 1:1. BCH was created with one primary function - to serve as means of payment. That is why Bitcoin cash boasts a low fee for money transfers and relatively fast speed of their execution.

Since the "birth", BCH has attracted the attention of the crypto community. The coin is presented in the famous cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which very carefully assess the potential of the digital asset before making a decision on its listing on the platform. At the beginning of September 2018 Bitcoin cash is in fourth place among altcoins for market capitalization of $10.8 billion. Daily trading volume reaches a decent amount of $418 million.

The Bitcoin cash Bitcoin and Ethereum inferior in popularity, however, it should be noted a fairly rapid growth of the customer base a digital asset. Despite his youth, BCH accepted as payment by many online stores and in South Africa coins to pay for a lawyer!


Blockchain Bitcoin cash was created by a hard fork of the Bitcoin network, so they are similar in many ways. In both blockchains algorithm "proof of work" (proof-of-work), however, the block size in the network BCH is 8 MB (to 1 MB from BTC), so its performance is 8 times higher. In November 2017 in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash was implemented an algorithm adjusting the difficulty of mining (difficulty adjustment algorithm), which allows better control of the increasing complexity of production koina and contributes to the stabilization of the computing power of the network.

11 Aug 2018 in the network BCH has implemented a Protocol for Wormhole to create a smart contact and release of tokens on the basis of the blockchain the Bitcoin cash. As the "fuel" necessary for the production of digital assets and conduct of the ICO, the platform uses the Wormhole tokens Cash (WCH). They are generated in accordance with the Protocol "proof of burn" (proof-of-burn) to get 100 tokens WCH the user needs to transfer 1 BCH to the address for destroying coins.


The mining process of Bitcoin cash is very similar to Bitcoin mining, however, there is one key difference: it requires more Hasrat due to the difference in the block size, so a good profit can be obtained only with the help of specialized ASIC miners. The reward for adding a block is 12.5 coins BCH (about $7 thousand), but it is worth considering the low complexity of production digital asset compared to BTC. According to the service BitInfoCharts, mining Bitcoin cash on the equipment with capacity of 1 TH/s will bring a daily revenue of $0.2643.

The most popular mining pools for the mining BCH:, F2Pool, ViaBTC and Cloud mining BCH brings small income, but it does not require the purchase of expensive equipment. In recent years, cases of fraud in the field of cloud mining, so we recommend to use the services of proven platforms hashcoins datacenter or Genesis Mining.

Where to buy.

Bitcoin cash - pretty popular cryptocurrency, so she is represented in all major cryptomeria: Binance, Coinbase, OKEx, Huobi, Bitfinex. BCH coins can be bought for rubles on the stock exchanges Exmo, and Livecoin, as well as in many exchange offices.

Where to store.

The best option to store Bitcoin cash is a multi-crypto Wallet Jaxx, it supports more than 40 different digital assets and is available in three versions: mobile, software and web. If you plan to store a large amount of BCH, then you should think about buying a hardware wallet. Two of the most famous brand in the market of virtual currencies - best wallet and Ledger, the average price of these devices is 6500 rubles.

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