DigiByte - rate, bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency description⚙on!!!

DigiByte - rate, bitcoin mining, cryptocurrency description⚙on!!!

DigiByte is an ambitious blockchain project with the four-year history, aims to create a cryptocurrency ecosystem with a high level of security. Cryptocurrency is based on its own blockchain, open source, according to the developers, the network DigiByte is more decentralized than the blockchain of Bitcoin, and the network is superior to most other digital assets in terms of scalability and performance.

The cryptocurrency.

Coins, DigiByte (DGB) was released on 10 January 2014 year programmer Jared Tate. DGB has quickly gained popularity among the crypto community thanks to two main features:

  • No fee for transactions.
  • High speed confirm remittances.

For three years the rate of DigiByte slowly decreasedin February 2014 DGB 1 was worth $0.0014, and in February 2017 - $0.0002. However, in 2017, the situation changed dramatically: from may to June, the price of the coin has increased five times from $0.001 to $0.005, and then plummeted to $0.009. The next leap year occurred in December 2017 - cost DigiByte has grown to a historic high of$0.129, however, fell again to $0.018.

In the period from April to September 2018 course DGB ranges from $0.018 to $0.043. Level market capitalization is $272 million, the daily trading volume reaches $3 million. As of September the turnover is 10.8 billion coins DGB, in this case, the maximum number of coins is limited to 21 billion.

It is important to note that both the jump of course DigiByte was the result of hype: in June 2017, the company issued a statement in which he announced the release of important updates of the blockchain, and in December 2017 known cryptocurrency Crusader John McAfee was advised to pay attention to the project DigiByte. In both cases, investors rushed to buy more coins in hopes the growth rate of the cryptocurrency in future, however, the turmoil quickly subsided, and the price of DigiByte has fallen to its normal level.


The first block was generated on 10 January 2014. At the time of launch, the network used a single algorithm proof of work, but later the company did a hard fork the network to implement 5 different algorithms for proof of work. This helped to increase the level of decentralization and security of the platform. DigiByte has become one of the first companies that used the technology of the Segregated Witness. According to calculations, the last coin DGB will be naminanu by 2035, thus, extraction of 21 billion coins is 21 years.

The infrastructure of the DigiByte blockchain consists of three layers:

  • Communication core and global network. This layer merges the nodes of the network and provides basic interaction nodes of the blockchain.
  • Public network and digital assets. Here is information about transactions and mined coins.
  • Decentralized applications. This level block is a user interface for creating applications on network.

The DigiByte blockchain is able to process about 560 transactions per secondrong> add unit takes 15 seconds, and the change of the complexity of mining is happening in real time in accordance with changes in the computing power of the network. The developers promise to improve the performance of the blockchain up to 2000 transactions per second by 2020.


For mining cryptocurrency DigiByte you can choose one of five mining algorithms:

  • SHA256.
  • SKEIN.
  • QUBIT.

Each algorithm has a different complexity level, which is determined by a mechanism MultiShield (an improved version of DigiShield). Algorithms SCRYPT and Sha256 are designed for mining coins with ASIC miners, GROESTL and SKEIN is optimized for mining on graphics cards, and the QUBIT algorithm is suitable for both ASIC and GPU.

DigiHash - ethen one of the best mining pools for the mining DigiByte. He works with the support of DigiByte, so part of the profits goes to the development of a network of DGB.

Where to store.

Multi-currency mobile wallet Coinomi is one of the most popular programs for storing of cryptocurrency DigiByte. In addition to the coins DGB, it supports Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, has a simple interface and reliable security. In Coinomi integrated service on cryptocurrency exchange ShapeShift and added the possibility of storing the private key on the device. The app is available for Android and iOS.

From the number of software wallets need to mention all the famous Exodus. It is compatible with operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux from the competition purse has a simple systemmy restore account access and provides user support. If you want to be confident in the safety of their savings to 100%, then you should purchase a hardware wallet Ledger Nano's. It implements two-factor authentication and additional security via pin-code. Ledger's Nano costs about 8,000 rubles.

Where to buy.

Cryptocurrency DigiByte can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash and many other popular digital assets on cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi, Binance, Bittrex, Kucoin. On the Russian platform Livecoin presented pairs trading DGB/BTC, DGB/ETH and DGB/USD.

The Potential For DigiByte.

In the four years the project failed to achieve great heights in terms of capitalization cryptocurrency 34 occupies a modest place, however, the DGB blockchain consists of more than 200 thousand nodes, indicating a fairly high level of decentralization. In 2018 DigiByte is growing in popularity among gamers thanks to the launch platform DigiByte Gaming, which allows you to get coins reward DGB for playing time. Project Director of Tate, has promised to focus efforts on expanding the customer base cryptocurrency and increase its liquidity. At the moment, the fate of DigiByte is questionable, as the success of the project depends on the tasks and its competitiveness in terms of technology.

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