Paypex course, prognosis and description of cryptocurrency
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Paypex course, prognosis and description of cryptocurrency

What does the project Paypex?

Paypex (PAYX) is a platform that aims to improve the field of payment systems through blockchain technology and smart contracts.

The nature of these improvements is to ensure safety, reduce commissions and transaction expectations. Thus, for legal entities, you receive many advantages through this platform.

To date, the capitalization of a digital asset is about 81 million dollars, the daily volume of more than 30 thousand dollars and only produced 150 million tokens PAYX.

The course of bitcoin, at the time of writing, was fixed at $1,58.

What's wrong with Paypex?

Firstly, it concerns the technical side of the issue. On the official website of the project, the token is presented as an improved version of Ethereum. The project is based on the same Efirom-platform, which implies a similarity with him in speed and cost of transactions.

Also questioned the increase in the speed of transactions and reduced fee. In a whitepaper (White paper — an information paper, issued by the company or a nonprofit organization to promote or highlight the features of the solution, product or service) of the project are presented in just four pages, without any detailed explanation of the implementation assigned to the project goals. Also, in the video presentation, the team explains this using the automatic generated voice. This suggests that they hide their personality.

Secondly, the logo matches the logo efashion payment system PayPal. Thus, the project tries to present himself as a crypto-analogue PayPal.

Thirdly, the lack of open source code. Many cryptocurrency companies provide their source code for everyone to see as crypto-community self-convinced of the prospects of the platform.

The project team Paypex decided not to share such information with all.

And the last is the anonymity. The project website is missing the section "team" and the user can not see who is a member of the project, and what specialists are involved in the development of this product. This again suggests that the participants wish to remain in the shadows, and this is very suspicious for a new, evolving startup.

Conclusions and Outlook

The platform itself a cryptocurrency Paypex are shadow project with many suspicious aspects, such as the lack of a detailed explanation of the plans of the project, its technical components and any information about the team. For the above

reasons it is difficult to predict future prospects and prosperity of this platform and its token. Therefore, for fruitful work and promising investment funds it is better to choose more reliable.

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