Zcash for course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency
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Zcash for course, forecasts, description of cryptocurrency

Zcash for – popular worldwide payment system that uses the same name cryptocurrency. Deservedly considered one of the most advanced in terms of security and anonymity of transactions.

General information

Zcash for is a payment system, for which the responsible company Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. It appeared relatively recently and immediately gained popularity due to the use of a unique algorithm and the highest degree of confidentiality of transactions. Thus, the separate payment, if necessary, can be sufficiently transparent.

Short abbreviation of the name of cryptocurrency – ZEC. A fractional unit zcash for is "Satoshi", which is equal to 10-8 ZEC. This title, the minimum transmitted value got in honor of "Satoshi", a fractional unit of Bitcoin. By the end of 2017 was produced over two million eight hundred and fifty thousand zcash for. And since one unit of the cryptocurrency worth more than five hundred American dollars, its market capitalization is estimated at an amount almost equal to half a billion USD.

High protection from external influences and anonymity of transactions has drawn attention to the project not only from large investors and well-known companies and famous individuals or project managers. For example, the cryptocurrency from the creators of WikiLeaks as a currency to make donations. Edward Snowden and even called her the most interesting alternative to Bitcoin.

The main competitors of cryptocurrency experts often called DashCoin and Monero. This is due to the high degree of anonymity in all three projects.

The history of creation

In 2014, several of the creative teams engaged in improving cryptographic Protocol Zerocash, which came to light thanks to Matthew Greene, who held the position of Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, and worked with him two graduate students – Christine Garman and Ian Miers. He was among the enthusiasts and Bruce Wilcox (better known as Zooko Wilcox-O Hearn) and William Scott. It is thanks to them in January 2016 and was born a completely new project, called zcash for.

A few months later was launched and the eponymous cryptocurrency. And payment system is now engaged in the newly established company Zerocoin Electric Coin Company. At the end of October 2016 Wilcox announced the official launch of the zcash for. From this moment, the cryptocurrency began to develop his own way, ceasing to be the latest addition to bitcoin.


The source system is created in C++ and made available in open access. So if you want each user can engage in its improvement. However, the introduction of most innovative solutions depends on whether the support of the creators of cryptocurrency.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages zcash for is its anonymity, high security and stable prices. Moreover, each user independently decides to hide transaction information or making it publicly available. A similar script is very popular and mucheversendai than most used today cryptocurrency.

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