Market analysis of Ethereum cryptocurrency⚙on!!!

Market analysis of Ethereum cryptocurrency⚙on!!!

Due to the unstable rate of digital assets, investors appear fears for the future of cryptocurrency. To give you an idea of the current state of the market is Ethereum (ETH), we conducted an analysis of the roadmap for Ethereum, trading volume coins ETH, fluctuations in the value of an asset and reviewed all the important points that may influence the market Ethereum in the future.

This week Ethereum fell by 40%, compared to the maximum value in January 2018 rate of the coins has decreased by 91%. The level of market capitalization ETH is now $14 billionand the daily trading volume of$2.54 billion. In the list of the leading cryptocurrency by market capitalization Ethereum takes the 3rd place, behind the nearest competitor XRP more than $3 billion.

Road map Ethereum.

January 2019 it is planned to implement the updates EIP 1234, which would reduce the amount of reward for adding a block to ETH 2, and delay the increasing complexity of mining Ethereum.

The application of the Protocol Casper is scheduled for 2020. Within this update, developers will change the algorithm of consensus: the blockchain Ethereum will operate on the basis of the hybrid version of the two protocols "proof of work" (proof-of-work) and "proof of stake" (proof-of-stake). The reward for adding blocks using the algorithm of proof of work will amount to 0.6 ETH, and with the application proof of the share - 0.22 ETH.

The work of the Ethereum blockchain.

Since the beginning of August decreased Hasrat blockchain Ethereum and complexity of mining. The number of nodes of the network compulation of 12.369, 43% of them are in the United States. Revenues from the production of coins ETH reached the lowest level in history. According to Susquehanna, profit from mining reached a maximum value of $147 in June 2017, while in 2018 the income of miners has dropped from $67 to $0.

The number of transactions per day for the year decreased from 550.000 500.000, the average amount of money transfer in the ETH coins is now $752 (the maximum figure of $20,000 was recorded in June 2017). However, a growing number of active addresses Ethereum - this figure has already reached 47 million.

ICO projects in Ethereum.

In 2018, the company spent 954 ICO in the Ethereum blockchain and has attracted investments in the amount of $21,96 billion. The greatest number of ICO had in may of this year (144) and the smallest in September (56). In 2018, the amount of funding received is much higher than in previous years: in 2017 the blockchain startups has invested $3.88 billion, and in 2016 - $95 million.

Despite the fall in the rate of Ethereum, a large ICO projects are not in a hurry to exchange the digital asset on Fiat currency. Over the past month, blockchain startups were transferred to cold wallets around 55.000 coins ETH, currently in the possession of cryptomery is more than 4% of the total number of coins Ethereum.

Decentralized applications.

Among the top decentralized applications into the blockchain Ethereum includes programs from cryptocurrency exchanges and gambling. The large number of users over the last week recorded the applications IDEX and ForkDelta, in the category "Games" championship holds CryptoKitties. In 2018 observed an increase in the number of decentralized applications and the decrease in the number of users.

Trade Ethereum.

Ethereum trading volume by currency pairs:

The main volume of trading coins ETH accounts for cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex, OKEx, Huobi and Binance. The volume of OTC trading on the stock exchange LocalEthereum for the last week amounted to 1.879 ETH, the minimum purchase amount of coins ETH on the OTC trading platforms varies in the range of $100.000 - $250.000.

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