Apple got rid of the fake MyEtherWallet

Apple got rid of the fake MyEtherWallet

Apple representatives after some delay, spent removal from the list of available apps in their proprietary App store a fake version of the popular cryptocurrency wallet MyEtherWallet designed to work with the second by popularity in the world of cryptocurrency Ethereum.

The application was uploaded only three days ago, but during this time managed a long way to go by popularity, by rising the number of downloads made among the products of the financial purpose to third place. Only after that the moderators were able to detect fake product and to its deletion from the register of the sold apps.

It should be noted that MyEtherWallet exists only in the web version for use on personal computers and laptops, as it is absolutely a free service, the developers of fake apps that does not exist in nature, offered to acquire the software at a price of $ 4.99.

Apple is not hurrying to respond the problem

First they have fake sounded the alarm of the representatives of Ethereum at risk of losing customers due to distrust of the electronic wallet. They raised the issue through the most popular social network is still the 10th of December, but the reaction from representatives of the "Apple" giant was leisurely, and real steps to remove the app from sale was followed the next day. During this time, hundreds of users of the cryptocurrency managed to download the app on their mobile device.

According to analysts TechCrunch for the lifetime of the app freely available it download made not less than 3 million iPhone users around the world. The total amount of funds obtained by fraud from its inception, is estimated at 15 thousand dollars. It is possible that Sarasotato scammers was significantly higher.

The following incident once again demonstrated that the attention of all sorts of scams and hackers today are huge, and the struggle with the distribution of their products is a complex process, which guarantee full protection against all threats is impossible.

It should be noted that in a statement does not specify what kind of threat is for users of fake application MyEtherWallet, is it theft of cash, stores user data of the customers or the developers just created under the application holder under the famous name, only to earn on its sale.

Safety should be paramount

Experts say that the world of cryptocurrencies today seeks to embrace a large quantity of people to earn money while user interaction with IT technologies in many of them is at a low or mediocre level, and that provides all kinds of hackers and scammers is a huge opportunity for earnings.

Only recently data were published on several successful hacking attacks on exchanges and electronic services, which ended in the breaking of thousands of purses and to remove from them Bitcoin. The damage from such actions in some cases tens of millions of dollars.

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