Belarus ready to let a cryptocurrency

Belarus ready to let a cryptocurrency

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko adopted a special law that would provide state support for the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

According to local project the President of Belarus agreed to sign a package of bills entitled "the Growth of the Digital Economy". The decision was taken to eliminate red tape in the way of unification of the blockchain, the formation of the regulated environment of exchange of cryptocurrency.

Educated on the format of silicon valley's technological asylum, the creation of which involved the Belarusian President, will receive special privileges for investment with ICO and application in the country of cryptocurrency.

В Беларуси легализовали криптовалюты

If you are familiar with Alexander Lukashenko insider ITindustry has published on his page on Facebook the following message:

“Until the end of 2017 will necessarily be adopted superliberalnaya law, which implies the complete absence of bureaucratic barriers on the way of the blockchain, the support of all its forms.”

Thanks to the project "Digital Economy" leader among the CIS countries in the field of integration of modern technologies will be Belarus.

Due to the lack of consensus behavior of Russian officials , Russia still can not accept the cryptocurrency. The country is still no specific picture of the legal status of digital currency. But according to the latest information mining in Russia will be regulated, and bitcoin will become legal.

Kazakhstan plans to create its digital inaluto - Crypto-tenge. To achieve this goal already is doing a great job.

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