Bitcoin makes a historic step

Bitcoin makes a historic step

During the last week of November Bitcoin made another confident leap in the price and not just stuck at around 9 thousand dollars for the token, but continued its ascent, reaching the mark of 10 thousand dollars. The final frontier has always been considered the determining, primarily from a psychological point of view. After him, the world will not be able to return to the original state, and will be forever altered by the cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin surely strengthens

Analyzing prices you may notice that in November there was a huge price leap. Previously, the size of the spark between the minimum and maximum monthly prices 2.2 thousand dollars was recognized as large, in November this difference increased almost twice and reached 4.3 thousand with prospects of further increase.

Today, the cost 7-8 thousand dollars is considered a normal level for investors willing to invest in the cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, just a few months ago, those prices seemed to be something fantastic and distant. Now they are nothing more than a passed stage.

When considering the weekly segments is easy to trace the pattern in which the price decline necessarily replaced by the sharp jump in the cost, and their frequency is three to four times weekly. In such conditions it is possible to assume that already a couple of further jumps will lead Bitcoin to above 10 thousand dollars and will allow to gain a foothold at this level.

For the timeframe, you can observe some delay to the rate of 8.3 per thousand dollars, which was later overcome by moving up and bullish trends that, in General, predicted earlier by experts. Thus after reaching the psychological value thresholds on the exchanges will increase volatility that can take advantage of traders specialize in the intraday trade and automatically those usershnology.

In General, trends predict a further increase in value of Bitcoin, while there is every reason to believe that the end of this year, the biggest cryptocurrency will be able to submit and the mark of 12 thousand dollars for this purpose there are all bases. Despite significant volatility, BTC is rapidly gaining price.

Forecast Ethereum

Ended a positive month for investors in Ethereum. For the first time in recent investors into the cryptocurrency No. 2 had the opportunity to experience the emergence of a global triangle for daily charts formed on the basis of the classical laws of technical analysis.

Given its width, we can assume that the next goal Ethereum will increase the market value of over $ 520 with a consequent increase in price to $ 600-700, but taking a longer-term perspective.

Among the fundamental factors that have the most positive impact on the price of tokens cryptocurrency provides a rapid increase in the number of transactions undertaken. On this indicator Ethereum already ahead Bitcoin. This means that in the coins there is a need of market participants, and this is the main sign that the fall in the value in term is not to be expected.

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