Bitconnect again acts as a defendant

Bitconnect again acts as a defendant

According to CoinDesk, Bitconnect accused had created a Ponzi scheme. What is it? A Ponzi scheme is promises for obtaining ultra-high profits. In other words, financial pyramid. The lawsuit also lists the requirements for reimbursement of losses due to sudden collapse of the course of SCD.обвал курса

The plaintiff is Brian Paige. Defendant Ryan Maassen, BitConnect International, Bitconnect Trading LTD, BitConnect LTD.

According to the US citizen Brian Paige, he was promised following the scheme of profit - 40% per month or 3000% per year. These figures were reported by the project representatives. Thanks to these data, it was possible to assume that this is a project that can be profitable for investors. Although the plaintiff admits that he was warned by representatives of the project Bitconnect that can make you lose money. And it can be different reasons.

According to the lawsuit, the warning Bitconnect, which was the official,was not represented, svedeniya that, perhaps, the platform for credit will be closed unilaterally. In addition, there was said that investments are being converted to VSS, and the market of VSS is also closed. And only contributed to the deprivation scriptaction values in principle.

The plaintiff expressed their demands. In particular, financial potterism to compensate affected investors. Funds were lost after he closed the crypto currency exchange and programmability. They closed because of the pressure of the authorities of the States of Texas and North Carolina. Course, the air force underwent a record drop of almost 100 % of the absolute maximum, which was reached in December. Currently, the figure stood at around 6.19 USD.

>Also in Florida as a defendant in the lawsuit will speak Bitconnect. In this collective lawsuit similar allegations in the construction of a Ponzi scheme, and in violation of the securities act.

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