Bitmain released the new routers-the miners of cryptocurrency.

Bitmain released the new routers-the miners of cryptocurrency.

Chinese miner Bitcoin, Bitmain has released a new Wi-Fi routers-miners cryptocurrency series AntRouter R3. Device R3-and R3 DASH-SIA enable you to get Dash and SiaCoin.

According to specifications, routers distribute Wi-Fi and at the same time bottom tokens. They have niscoe power and so is designed for consumers who want to engage in the production of digital assets and do not plan to invest a lot of money in the purchase of equipment and payment for electricity.

Hasrat R3-DASH is 300 M/s, and R3 is-SIA - 11.54 G/s. Compared to ASIC miner AntMiner algorithm Blake(2b), the computing power which is 815 GH/s, performance of routers is quite modest. However, they can be used to earn pocket money!

Last year the company has released the router-miner R1 AntRouter for mining Bitcoin or Litecoin and R2 AntRouter for mining Litecoin.

Firm Canaan Creative, one of the main competitors Bitmain also decided to expand its production line and introduced a TV with the function of mining cryptocurrencies, with a capacity of 2.8 trillion hashes per second!

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