The blockchain will change eSports

The blockchain will change eSports

The rapid development of the technology of the blockchain and cryptocurrency has an impact on various spheres of human activities, including the world of eSports. Latest today is rapidly developing. The capitalization of the gaming industry is rapidly increasing and will soon exceed one billion dollars.

Analysts suggest that worldwide in 2017 year, about 385 million can be attributed to market participants of e-sports, half of which on a regular basis browses the web tournaments in different games. Until the end of the decade of the users is expected to increase by another 50%.

Provided that actively playing online games with over 250 million people in the world, there is more than one million teams, that leaves enormous potential for their increase, and to achieve this allows the technology of the blockchain and smart contracts.

Team creation requires a huge amount of documentary work related to administrative, managerial and financial problems. In modern conditions the search for the necessary solutions, payments and other operations are faced with the need to use large quantities of resources and regular delays. Untimely payments are characteristic of prize rewards major tournaments.

Blockchain in eSports

The use of the blockchain will provide both the speed of transactions, complete transparency for all participants, and at the same time a high degree of security for ongoing operations. In addition, there is no need of using the services of various intermediaries.

In turn smart contracts allows you to implement any of the settings and statistics for teams, players or managers, the system will work solely on the basis of results achieved, eliminating the human factor and inequitable distribution.

Special attention is given the project, DreamTeam, which should be a common platform for representatives of eSports. Here will be arranged sponsorship, media support, buying and selling players and other operations, required for the world of eSports. Today, there is already a beta version of the project. The project works on the basis of blockchain Ethereum and the secured tokens DreamTeam.

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