Blockchain pokemon on Etherium

Blockchain pokemon on Etherium

These news cryptocurrency will interest those who perceive blockchain platform not only as an economic tool. There is a new collectable game called Ponzimon. The purpose of users purchasing game characters. It's different being purchased for etherium, and brings the owner a real income that depends on the popularity of a specific monster.

The user needs to go to the website of the game by installing the browser add - Metamask. Next, it loads the cryptocurrency to pay for the card with the creature. It shows an egg, from which, some time later, hatch your pet. With him you can fight against other players.

Profit depends on how many people will buy the same monster as you. They cost from 300 to 1000 dollars. Here and start the claims to the developers. The referral principle is used in financial pyramids. Should people stop being interested in the game, and the previously registered accounts will be left without a source of external financing.

News cryptocurrency game Ponzimon and guarantees to investors

Problems with clients not. Platform felt overload, and a Commission for transactions inside of the blockchain had to raise. The creators of the game specify that the project is transparent and managed based on smart contracts. Everyone can withdraw funds at any time, which eliminates most financial risk.

The ether as bitcoin – the currency of the popular and rapidly growing in price. The creation of such projects attract the younger generation, and the presence of real guarantees of security will remove the suspicion from developers.

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