Charles Munger called bitcoin a poison and called on the authorities to fight

Charles Munger called bitcoin a poison and called on the authorities to fight

World news cryptocurrencies regarding Bitcoin, this is not always the rave reviews and favorable forecasts. Many well-known economists and analysts do not hesitate to call the most popular cryptocurrency in the world the largest scheme of the XXI century, "bubble" and speculative tool in the hands of cybercriminals. Do not skimp on the words of the authorities, state regulators in France, China, Russia, other countries of the world.

Against this background, does not seem surprising statement by one of the veterans of world economy and business investment, Charles Munger. The guru of the financial sector has recently turned 94 years, and he's a legend to many experts.bitcoin hall

Recently, the online edition of Yahoo Finance published an article containing excerpts of an interview with him. Munger didn't hold back, and don't skimp on the accusations against the popular crypts and its fans. Talking to reporters, he called it "poison" and called for combating the governments of all countries of the world. Neither more nor less, this man is urged to declare war on cryptocephalinae, in time to celebrate some big victories in the form of concessions from the authorities.

Future courses of cryptocurrencies and their danger

Massive and fanatical passion for BTC seemed strange specialist from the beginning. He watched as the world community opens a new "Eldorado", and then starts to give up.

These "dummy", easy money, for which no real achievements, human labor, anything that has real value, seem to the economist, stupidity, and at the same time a trap, which the victim suddenly became millions of inhabitants of our planet.

Munger, now occupying a post in an American holdinge Berkshire Hathaway (USA) is a classic conservative, and says he prays that his family members were not part of this bitcoin madness.Hathaway berkshire

And what about his colleagues from the world? Recently similar statements were made by another prominent figure in the economic sphere – Nouriel Roubini, known under the pseudonym Dr.Doom. He also spoke about the stupidity of bitcoin hysteria, and people trying to make money, called him a "crypto-schizo". For such statements certain anonymous had threatened him with physical violence, which only confirms the correctness of Roubini regarding some members of the BTC community.

Further – more. George Soros, the legendary financier, investor and philanthropist, says financial bubble absolutely everything digital currency without exception. At the same time, he does not believe in the collapse of BTC, as it is supported by the people themselves, to invest resources in the production of coins.

In support of her colleague, another eminent specialist in the same field as the legendary Warren Buffett, whose capital (official) is 62 billion dollars. And he made it without hashing and crypto-investments, failing to maintain assets even in the midst of the global crisis.

Right these people, time will tell. Now the interest in cryptocurrency is not quenched. There are dozens of new offerings on the market, and thousands of technological projects produce tokens.

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