Czechs increasingly believe cryptocurrencies

Czechs increasingly believe cryptocurrencies

Held in the Czech Republic research has shown that a significant portion of the population ready to engage in long-term storage of private savings in the cryptocurrency, not the traditional Euro or dollars.чешская крона евро

Studies have shown that leaders in the investment attractiveness of the are Bitcoin and Ethereum. In total this is expressed by 11% of respondents of the survey, while the Euro was supported 10.3% of the Czech citizens.

At present, the Czech Koruna is acting as a liberal currency existing in terms of regulation by the National Bank, holding its course in a rigid coupling to the Euro. As a result, the reliability of our currency is recognized by 30% of citizens, and another 26% of respondents are in favor of the Euro.

In the context of a possible reduction in the cost of the crown there is a risk of increasing the cost of goods imported into the country. In conditions when the national currency is typical volatility many seek to provide for their asset diversification, choosing as one of the most attractive directions of investments in digital currency.

Practice shows that the Euro does not have a large support of the population and the entry into the Euro area not yet addressed by national government as priority areas.биток

In the framework of the survey on plans to purchase in the near future Bitcoin was reported by 8.4% of respondents, while similar actions against the us dollar, plans to make only 4.2% of Czechs or halved.

We will remind that earlier?national Bank of the country tried to conduct a series of actions aimed at the marginalization of traditional currencies. In particular, the regulator announced that banks need not fear a digital asset as the number of Bitcoin operations in the world does not exceed 16% of the number of transactions carried out in CZK.

Nevertheless, cryptocurrency demand from the Czechs. There is already recorded the sale in the first country of the property with Bitcoin. An unnamed buyer from Russia paid for an apartment in the capital of the Czech Republic 35 BTC.

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