Logistics company FedEx is introducing a blockchain platform

Logistics company FedEx is introducing a blockchain platform

Large company FedEx that deals with transportation, has taken steps to implement technology blockchain into their system. Active use of the blockchain, the platform will allow the company's joining the Alliance or Blockchainin Transport BiTA.bita

FedEx is a US company that provides transportation services, postage, Express delivery and other logistics services. The company was founded in 1971 in the U.S. state of Arkansas. And today it has offices around the world.

News portal Freightwaves, announces the deployment of FedEx in the development of standards for the application of blockchain technology in the framework of the Association BiTA.The company sonderpreise industry standards in order to access the blockchain-platform BiTA. FedEx already was among the founding members of the Association that made it possible to start test work on the blockchain the platform.

According to Dale Christie,Vice-President for analysis and strategic planning of FedEx, accession to the Council of BiTA has given the opportunity to run a program on the blockchain in a test mode. The new functionality allows you to store and quickly find information about the movements of goods and resolve contentious issues. The developers of FedEx want to figure out what information is needed for permanent access. This will make easier the settlement of disputes between those who use the services of the company.

FedEx also sees in the blockchain-a platform for potential data storage. Representatives of the company sums up:

"We do that every day several million of records in the system. Therefore, we consider the blockchain as a secure tool dLa organization of the chain of movement of goods. This step could transform the entire field of logistics. In our opinion, this promising technology is able to make data exchange much easier than it is now."

A similar opinion was heard from senior Vice President of FedEx for the introduction of new technologies Kevin Humphries:

"With blockchain-platformclients will simply observe the movement of the goods when they are operated by FedEx, and after the company has finished working with them".

FedEx has already announced that he was going to use the blockchain as a means for storage, retrieval of information and as a tool for rapid solution of disputes. And Humphries is looking further ahead and assuming that they will find even more options for use of the blockchain.

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