The main producer has s Bitmain reinvestiruet frequent Central banks

The main producer has s Bitmain reinvestiruet frequent Central banks

Company Bitmain is known as the largest manufacturer of machinery has s for bitcoin miningand the extraction of the crypts, working with other hashing algorithms. During a major conference in the us capital to its Director, Jihan Wu made several important statements. In particular, he predicted the emergence in some States of private banks. This news blockchain waited a long time, and she appeared out of nowhere. About private initiatives of international companies and individual start-UPS mentioned before.

банки криптовалют

But now, entrepreneur focused on the importance of their appearance and willingness to invest in the implementation of the task. According to him, cryptocurrency , bitcoin is gradually losing ground, yielding to ambitious newcomers. This is evidence of market demand for alternatives. Many tokens will turn into analogues of the shares, working for the same legal principle. In contrast, it will be a decision from regulators.

Centralized crypt, like Ripple does not surprise anyone. In addition, big game big blockchain startups that are ready to implement such a massive project – a matter of time.

As the businessman noted, there is no such digital asset that he could be called perfect in all respects. Therefore, there will be new solutions that can change the world economy.

Wu and his business projects have become the objects of criticism from blockchain community and even organisers The developer, known as Cobra stated that the manufacturer threatens the very principle of decentralization. To get rid of it, and have to switch to a hybrid hashing algorithms.

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