The dealers of counterfeit documents in the United States seized a flash drive with bitcoins at$5 million

The dealers of counterfeit documents in the United States seized a flash drive with bitcoins at$5 million

According to the Associated Press, Ohio became a center of criminal news. Here in the course of operational activities in the investigation of fraud with fake documents were confiscated computer equipment and cryptocurrency. The cost crytographically currency, according to, is about 4.7 million USD.флэшка для биткоинов

3 years ago, in 2015, in Toledo, as it turned out, recorded violations concerning the distribution of false documents ID.

Just recently, on February 8, a resident of Toledo mark Simon was arrested. He was charged with making and distributing fake IDs.

The most interesting thing to purchase a fake passport or other similar documents can be had for bitcoin. But the facts of scripttrandate failed to track. Only, because Federal agencies failed to get users of the site Reddit, and then on the trail of Simon.

Themselves kryptovaci stored on portable media. In addition, the seized amount of cash in the amount of 7 thousand dollars, ingots and coins from precious metals.

According to Simon, did not act alone. The number of associates to two. At the moment they only appeared before the courts, they are not arrested.

Simon is accused of many crimes. For example, he is accused of forming a criminal group, money laundering, identity theft, the production, shipment, trade or distribution of fake IDs. The list can be replenished by allegations of fraud in the field of remote data transfer, forgery, and possession of tools for committing crimes.

The fight against such crimes, including those related to the use of publicnyh registers, brings more results. Therefore, those who value a high degree of security, i.e. privacy, tend to move on crypt having just such characteristics. For example, Monero.

The main developer of Monero Ricardo Spanyi notes that their community in condemning the use of the coins for criminal purposes. And notice that when there is a high degree of privacy Monero is high interest in the criminal circles.monero

Because of the fact that virtual assets can be used as a method of money laundering, financing of extremist groups and drug traffickers and exposed cryptocurrency criticized by state agencies as regulatorylegal. But it may well be that the growth of interest in bitcoin and increasing experience and awareness of law enforcement officers in the field of digital operations will lead to the fact that bitcoin using a public registry, will be less attractive to fraudsters who choose less transparent transactions.

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