Kraken regained a significant portion of the currency pairs

Kraken regained a significant portion of the currency pairs

Exchange Kraken in the summer of last year introduced restrictions on the use of several cryptocurrency pairs, explaining this decision by the network congestion. At the same time closed all trading opportunities on the use of preliminary orders. Now the developers have returned to trafficking dozens of currency pairs and two additional pre-orders.

In a statement the administration of the Kraken pointed out that the upgraded infrastructure now allows the exchange to handle significantly greater amounts of information without losing quality of service provided.

All open cryptocurrency pairs allow you to share multiple digital coins to "Fiat" money (dollars, euros, Japanese yen). In total, there were added to the listing a dozen pairs, of which is really new is only a couple of ZEC/JPY.

In the future, the representatives of the Kraken considering the possibility of continuing the work on expanding the set of available trading pairs, and as one of the available currencies exchange it is planned to make a pound.

On the basis of insider information on them in the near future, users will have the opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency Ethereum and futures on Bitcoin. However, the timing of the next expansion of the existing listing is not reported.биткоин эфир

As for adding new types of orders. The owners of the Kraken are prepared for their clients several proposals but not yet fully ready for mass use only stop loss and take profit. All other developments are tested by developers in a test network and will be implemented on the main exchange as they reach the required level of reliability.>

Recall that the upgrade of the hardware exchange Kraken has occurred in the period 11-15 January. Within a few days of cryptocurrency platform was not available for commercial activities and operations of the input/output of all types of assets. After the completion of routine technical work exchange start a full-fledged customer service without any restrictions.

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