Major studies will subsidize the Fund Ethereum

Major studies will subsidize the Fund Ethereum

Research on the increase in the number of transactions that can be handled by the blockchain, will be subsidized through two programs. On subsidy programs was officially declared a non-profit organization in the field of control which includes the development of Ethereum.

Buterin Vitalik, founder Ethereum, on Tuesday in his blog published information about network capabilities in the day to handle 1 million transactions. As he notes, "the single most important key technical problem" is scaling the network. And on this task the developers have to work before applying large-scale applications.Ethereum

Program subsidies will encourage developers in the direction of two possible solutions to scale: protocols sharding and layer-two, created on top of Ethereum.

Sharding allows you to use more of the network sites, but not everyone. At the moment, the developers of ether completed the specifications for the Protocol sharding, and executes a set of commands to implement the solution and test it in a test Ethereum.

At the same time, the protocols level 2 use different approach, which uses the transactions from the blockchain Ethereum. Because of this, the network will give the opportunity to send transactions to the blockchain.

According to the blog, the amount of grants for each program will vary between 50 000 to 1 million USD. This includes the cost of development. In following thisne will be able to join the most successful team of developers to implement the protocols of the chain.

Also , the Fund invites the participation of third parties, who will be able to study the problems of scaling the network.

Acne Buterin in your unit reports:

Welcome the participation of independent teams of developers, companies, universities, and academic groups. We recognize that different types of applicants may require different forms of work, and we are willing to be flexible to meet the needs of individual teams."

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