Who is the main owner of bitcoins?

Who is the main owner of bitcoins?

To accurately determine the value of the cryptocurrency, you must comply with the principle of transparency of bitcoin, but who ultimately gets the funds, identify a lot harder.

The state of Affairs in the market of Finance is determined by the ratio of supply and demand. It's important to get information about the owner of the assets and the potential buyer. This is possible only in the conditions of market transparency. Both sellers and buyers closely monitor the activities of hedge funds and pension funds in respect of their shareholdings.

In terms of this, bitcoin has a significant difference from other currencies: it is clear, however, the owner retains complete anonymity.

Information about the owners of bitcoin are not transparent

The technology of the blockchain allow you to track the operations and movement of digital assets, but in this case the user saves incognito. His name represented by a string of neatsiejamai digital and letter combinations. On the one hand, it is difficult to determine the name of the owner, and on the other attracts customers with the opportunity to remain anonymous. It is regarded as a positive option of bitcoin as a working currency.

In connection with the extent and growth of cyber crime in the digital world, the owners of significant amounts of digital currency would like to keep his name secret to avoid becoming a target for fraudulent actions. The security of bitcoins is enhanced by the fact that they are on different e-wallets.

To deceive the IRS

The inability to bind significant status to certain people, to put it mildly, not pleased with financial regulators that monitor transactions and youYasnaya their legitimacy.

Службе внутренних доходов IRS

The internal revenue service (IRS) have to rely on the fact that the owners of bitcoins will have to declare are derived from operations profit. However, 2015 has shown the futility of hopes of the IRS on integrity and honesty: only 802 user indicated a profit-loss transaction with bitcoin. The owners are in no hurry to disclose information, abuse of anonymity.

Still from the relevant government agencies have some tools to identify the owners of bitcoins and volume of gained, but this is a "protest" from users.

The website BitcoinRichList notifies that just a hundred bitcoin addresses accounting for 17% of the volume of this digital asset. By the end of last summer, 2016, the rate was nearing 20%, a further acceleration of growth of cost has brought huge profits to the major holders of the cryptocurrency.

Violation incognito

Although you can remain anonymous to the General public, many owners of bitcoins themselves only advertise them for obvious reasons.

One of which is "hearing" names were the names Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron: according to their own statement, they own 1% of the entire mass of bitcoinsthat at current level of mining is in the order of$1.65 million

It is assumed that the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto holds over 1 000 000 coins distributed them pabout multiple wallets.

Important market players are involved in the development and mining of bitcoin, conduct transactions with them. As Chairman of the virtual currency processor Bitpay, Tony Gallippi invested in cryptocurrency 20million dollars, and created mining company, programmer D. Carlson also became one of the largest owners of bitcoin.

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