The course of bitcoin and Litecoin XRP has reached at least 2018.

The course of bitcoin and Litecoin XRP has reached at least 2018.

On 8 August, the course of bitcoin XRP and Litecoin reached a minimum of 2018. The market is experiencing a bearish trend, all the top crypto-currencies are under pressure, while the total capitalization of digital assets is less than $250 billion!

At the moment, XRP occupies the third position in terms of capitalization, however the coin would be difficult to stay in the top three if the current trend continues. Cost XRP fell to the lowest level since December 12, 2017 - $0.35. For eight months, the cryptocurrency fell to 89.2%! The reason for this significant drop in the rate was the bad reputation of the startup Ripple that is directly related to XRP. The company has already filed several lawsuits!

At the time of writing, the XRP price continues to fall, according to the website CoinMarketCap in the last 24 hours, the rate of coins has dropped to 11.76%.

The value of Litecoin per day fell to 8.78% to $72.65, which is the lowest figure since November 17 last year. In comparison with the maximum value of the koina in December 2017, the rate of LTC has declined five times!

The leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin could not resist in the support area at the level of $7,000 and fell 6.97%. The cost of Ethereum also fell by 6.89%and EOS at 7.96%! Moreover, in the graphs there are no signs of trend change, market indicators indicate a continued downward trend, so expect even more losses.

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