Not less than 10% of the ICO goes to the hackers

Not less than 10% of the ICO goes to the hackers

Experts Ernst&Young as part of a major study aimed at studying the risk of investment activities in the sphere of cryptocurrency found that about 10% of all funds collected as a result of placements ICO, was stolen by hackers. Thus, they were able to steal a total of about 400 million dollars.

The greatest distribution has received a phishing allow attackers to receive not less than 1,5 million dollars.

Simultaneously analysts have presented data on the effectiveness conducted by ICO. If the summer is your goal reached about 90% of all projects by the end of the year the figure dropped to alarming 25%. In a statement the report shows that many projects have disparate interests of the participants, these are errors in the codes and inconsistencies in the White paper.

The reason for the decline of quality indicators is the popularity of projects in the investment environment that attracts participants do not have to embed the necessary capacity and capabilities.

The experts found that in most cases the calculation of the indicators values of the produced tokens is determined solely on the wave effect "loss of profits". For example, most short-term of the ICO managed every second to collect up to 0,3 million dollars.

Serious issues arise and the codes, as they often are in conflict with the project description. Revealed that in the White paper prescribes the impossibility of production of coins, but used code such restrictions is not in itself, leaving the technical capabilities forI additional issue.

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