Exchange the old tokens for the new Tron has already begun.

Exchange the old tokens for the new Tron has already begun.

21 Jun began to exchange old tokens TXR standard ERC20 on new TRON20. The conversion process will end at midnight on 24 June, therefore, the owners of cryptocurrency right now you need to transfer your coins to exchanges to support the exchange of tokens. For those who do not have time to meet the deadline, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance will provide the service for the exchange of tokens on a regular basis.

After the exchange of digital assets will be the launch of the Mainnet Tron. The team has published on the platform Medium important information about upcoming events. The project's Creator Justin San announced the company's plan to destroy a billion tokens (about 50 million us dollars). The act of "burning" money is the celebrated Independence Day Tron.

The launch of the Mainnet consists of four phases:

  • Training. From 18 to 23 June, the developers will perform all the preparatory work before generating the first block.
  • Check. On 24 June, the company will perform a system check.
  • Generation. June 25 will be the first network unit Tron.
  • The official launch of. The network will be officially launched.

Just recently San posted on Twitter new information: "We have successfully completed a second round of testing Mainnet. It was attended by 35 members of our community. At 14:00 we will launch a re-scan network".

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