Overview of the most recent bitcoin projects

Overview of the most recent bitcoin projects

Bitcoin World. The project is based on the position of the desire of developers to create an international network blocking-applications'. For these purposes it is allocated over 2 million WBTC. In all, planned use of 2,121 billion WBTC, 100 tokens for the cue ball.

Bitcoin Smart. The founders of the project promised the global community to solve the issue of scalability. In addition, in their plans to add smart contracts and distribution of one BTC 100 BSC. It is surprising that a team with such a serious query does not even have an account in micro-blogging network Twitter.

Bitvote. In this project, things are much more interesting than Bitcoin Smart. The team, about which no information was available, told about their intentions to implement the ideas of the founder of bitcoin by using algorithm called CryptoNight. The expected level of emissions — 21 million. Also, the developers promise support for Lightning Network.

Bitcoin Interest. The project team went even further, calling bitcoin obsolete currency. They are going to create a modern payment network, based on POW-mining. Remuneration will be assessed for the holding of cryptocurrency. This process is identical to deposits in conventional banks.

Bitcoin Atom. The project should create a new cryptocurrency for mining's which will use a hybrid system of POW+POS. This algorithm supports atomic swap.

Bitcoin Pravate. One of the few projects, which is characterized by the presence of interesting ideas, as well as a community of enthusiasts.e;"> On assurance of developers, they will develop anonymous digital currency, between bitcoin and Zclassic. The new cryptocurrency will be in the hands of the owners of BTC and ZCL. Hard forks date unknown.

Bitcoin Dollar. Hardwork, according to preliminary data, must go through 28 February of the current year. The developers promise of smart contracts, gibridnyi algorithm for mining coins POW+POS, strong protection, and decentralization. In order to obtain tokens, you will need to submit applications to sorokapyatiletnyaya since hardware. The distribution will occur according to the scheme 1BTC – 1BTD.

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