The UN expects to move to the technology of the blockchain

The UN expects to move to the technology of the blockchain

Recently Robert OPP, Director of the food programme, the UN has declared, that considers possibility of refusal of use of the services of financial institutions to go to work with bloganol. Now one of the agencies already engaged in the development of appropriate infrastructure.

As stated by AKI, with ETH, the organization was able to save one million dollars with minimal fees.

In his speech, the head of food programme said that the refusal of banking organizations towards the latest technology of the distributed registry will allow you to maximize the amount of information being processed and will contribute to the establishment of close and productive business relationship.

This is with reference to the source publication reports CNN.WFP

It should be noted that now is not aware of any plans WFP on further implantatsii technology of the blockchain.

Earlier, the UN launched a project called "Building Blocks", whose main purpose — to help the Jordanian refugees. Five stores in places where refugees had a unique cryptographic coupons that that had a certain value in local currency.

In addition, the technology of Ethereum has been used in the program of the more than 10 thousand Syrian citizens during clashes in the territory of their state.

The UN is not the first organisation that decided to test the technology of the blockchain. Recently this was stated by the Central Bank of Saudi Arabia and well-known company Western Union.

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