Disclosed two biggest cryptocurrency Scam.

Disclosed two biggest cryptocurrency Scam.

This week the police managed to suppress the activities of the blockchain startups are responsible for two of the biggest cryptocurrency Scam. Taking advantage of the trust of investors, scammers earned $77 million!

First in the list of offenders was 27-year-old actor Geratest, Darvicet, also known under the pseudonym "Boom". Bangkok police arrested Geratest August 9 on charges of money laundering. According to investigators, the actor, together with his brother and sister, invited people to invest money in buying shares of companiesthat have invested in cryptocurrency Dragon Coin. His project involved digital assets totaling $24 million. Investors sounded the alarm after not received the promised dividends, however, as they say, the train has already left - Giratina had already brought Bitcoin with cryptocurrency wallets, and then converted into baht.

The authors of the other unusual cryptocurrency fraud schemes were arrested in South Korea on 7 August. Scamera created a blockchain project aimed at finding treasures from the sunken 113 years ago the ship "Dmitry Donskoy". Each token owner company Shinil promised a share of the mythical jewels, supposedly aboard the sunken cruiser. In the beautiful fairy tale believed more than 100 thousand peoplewho have invested in a Scam $53 million.

The fate of the criminals will be resolved by the court, it is unlikely they will be able to get rid of slight shock!

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