Robert Shiller on bitcoin: creating a cryptocurrency like a psychological experiment

Robert Shiller on bitcoin: creating a cryptocurrency like a psychological experiment

For a long time around the bitcoin debate continues. Some believe that cryptocurrency is the future of the world economy, while others are predicting her imminent disappearance from the market. Robert Shiller, the famous economist, Nobel prize winner, not left in heated arguments and compare virtual coins with a soap bubble.Robert Schiller о криптовалюте

One well-known Western newspaper published an interview with Schiller where he said that bitcoin certainly makes him of interest, but only as a bubble. No, it will not burst and will not disappear, but as such a Grand future for him there. For Robert Shiller, the excitement around bitcoin is no more than an example of the strange behavior of people. According to him, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, should not be discounted. In the virtual coins has already invested far from stupid people, but it's more like a psychological experiment that detract from the dignity of the idea. The economist stressed that the conclusion on the exchange of crypto-currencies has political implications.

Part of the popularity of bitcoin is based on the political aspect that the experts overlooked.

Currently, there are a huge number of people in different countries, dissatisfied with the government and its policies. They like the idea of carrying out various financial operations by the state, without violating the current legislation. People like the idea of such a financial turnover of virtual money comes from programmers, not from the financiers. However, according to Schiller, the collapse of the cryptocurrency's only a matter of time.

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